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#FrenchTechFriday: Get more out of your business trip with Tepee

As you’re reading this, hundreds of thousands of businessmen (and women) are traveling for work. Only yesterday, a friend told me this was his 101st business trip of the year (yes, Raphael, that’s you). Endless hotel check-ins, same rooms, same breakfast, same everything. What if you could spice it up with Tepee ?   The […]

Italy on the Pacific: How Airbnb can alter Japan's trajectory

Italy on the Pacific: How Airbnb can alter Japan's trajectory

When Japanese Prime Minister Abe visited the San Francisco Bay Area last week, he spoke about the need for Japan to foster its own version of Silicon Valley. His rationale makes sense. Many governments here in Europe have launched initiatives to encourage startup ecosystems and boost innovation (LaFrenchTech, London TechCity, Finland’s Startup Sauna, Enterprise Ireland, […]

Hotel Tonight's growth accelerates in France and beyond (Part II)

Hotel Tonight's growth accelerates in France and beyond (Part II)

  This is the second installment in a two part series about Hotel Tonight. In the first installment we spoke with co-founder and COO Jared Simon. In this installment we’ll also be speaking with VP International and Paris office head Amir Segall and French Market Manager Marie Hardel.   How is the Airbnb phenomenon affecting what you […]

Airbnb contributes €185 Million to the Paris economy, so don’t write-off the Sharing Economy just yet.

Peer-to-peer marketplace Airbnb has released an economic study of its Airbnb hosts and guests in Paris, looking at key figures pertaining to guests & hosts. The study, which comes a few months after a similar study on Airbnb’s effect on the San Francisco economy, showed some pretty interesting stats, such as the €185 Million contributed […]

With the Sharing Economy booming in France, La Belle Assiette brings professional cooks to your kitchen

The sharing economy has been on the top of the tech agenda in recent  years. With sharing giants such as Airbnb, ZipCar, Blablacar, etc as well as various events centered on it, including Le Web London in June and the recent, this continues to be a growing area that’s still ripe for innovation. As […]

Here’s a great example of how alive the French tech ecosystem really is!

I got a kick out of this this morning, and I couldn’t help but sharing. This morning I received an email alerting me to a contest that was going on, an opportunity to win a trip to the southwest town of Biarritz, France – it was the first city I ever lived in here in […]

Airbnb’s key to success in the French market: offline engagement

2013 has already been declared the year of the Sharing Economy, with Airbnb founder Brian Chesky appearing on the cover of Forbes as the spokesperson for the aforementioned billion dollar industry. Airbnb has certainly risen to the top of the rising trend, with almost any new player in the market or any new implementation on […]

Rude VC: Pigeons don't poop in private

Wow, it has been quite a week ! President François Hollande’s Socialist government unveiled its draft 2013 budget comprising some potentially devastating tax dis-incentives for entrepreneurs and VCs. A revolt ensued, with the birth of the Pigeon Movement, an explosion of emotion on social media sites, worldwide media attention, and the culmination of a dialogue […]

MorningCroissant: Airbnb for the French countryside

Walking over to the office of French startup MorningCroissant, I thought to myself, why would anybody want to do an AirBnB clone? Little did I know that I was about to learn a valuable lesson – that slapping the label ‘clone’ onto a startup can make you look very silly if you’re not careful.. Alix […]

In Paris for LeWeb? Let show you a good time…

There are 2 times per year when my inbox gets flooded with "Hey Roxanne, what should I do in Paris?!" emails: during summer and LeWeb. Usually I send my friends a few random things to do, like see a Chopin concert in the Eglise Julien le Pauvre near Saint Germain or go to the 5th floor of the Louis Vuitton building via the "secret" elevator for the hands-down best view of Paris and other weird things as well.