Serge Versille

Hacks and Lulz of the HackDayParis Hackathon on Connected TV

TV, quaint and asymetric communication medium, thou shaped the youth of many a hacker who attended the HackDayParis hackaton on Connected TV. Most of the hackers in attendance came from the web, so that would be about 50 peeps, with only two coming from TV as far as I noticed. This made for a very […]

Krisgard: Facebook MMORPG launching next week

Krisgard: Facebook MMORPG launching next week

Krisgard, by French startup, will be launching early next week on Facebook. It is a full MMORPG, based in the archipelago world of Krisgard, and it comes with all the elements of the genre. It includes avatar and inventory management, a quests system, player versus player fighting, and a whole lot of pets. Its […]

PR mistake 101: The unfindable patent of the Gamepad Android tablet

PR mistake 101: The unfindable patent of the Gamepad Android tablet

Archos suffers from a reputation as a somewhat unimaginative manufacturer, despite its strong growth. Their latest patent, filed in 2010, is about an electronic device (read: tablet) that can accommodate a removable accessory (read: 3G USB key), so nothing earth-shattering there. So it is great that Archos has now come out with a new product, […]

Game Paris 2012 coming up Nov 23-30

Game Connection Europe is coming to Paris November 28-30. This event in itself is a reason to drop by, with its 3 days of conferences and sessions with industry experts, as well as awards competition for game developers (here) and marketers (here). It is also part of Game Paris 2012 (FR), a fashion week for […]

Boostrapping: the Steady Strategy of Adictiz

  Adictiz is a mobile and social games developper based in Lille, France. They have been bootstrapping for 4 years now, and they have grown into a profitable company that has managed to balance out a product strategy with a real service strategy. Product start-ups usually need a breadwinner on the side if they’re bootstrapping. […]

Pussyfooting around Hadopi, the French ACTA law

Hadopi has been described and debated at length and is in a nutshell a little French ACTA[FR]. The socialist party, from which the new French president Francois Hollande came, had stated in its program as a party that Hadopi would be scrapped. Then, when Hollande won his party’s primaries, he didn’t feel too bound by […]

Open Data: baby steps for RATP

If you are a developer visiting the open data page of the French RATP, which provides buses and subways in Paris, as well as some suburban trains around, it’s fairly easy to assume you will be looking to use that data to create something useful for everyday users, that is, all the Joe subway commuters. […]

MulteeGaming: Bet on your own gaming skill

On MulteeGaming, skill at a video game is the only thing that will affect the outcome of your bet. This is the big difference with the usual online gambling on sports or casino games where randomness plays a major part. Pure skill betting MulteeGaming offers to players of major games (Fifa, Halo, Starcraft, PES) the […]

Online gambling is a €4B industry for France alone

Online gambling operators got taxed to the tune of 1.4 billion euros for France in 2011, meaning they generated revenues in the vicinity of 4 billion euros for that same year. Not bad for this little industry, considering most of the websites operating in France only got their licenses in 2010, though a few were […]

Kobojo Co-founder: "Social = Mobile"

Interview conducted with Trista Bridges.  I met with Franck Tetzlaff, CEO and co-founder of Kobojo, France’s 2nd larget social games publisher, to ask him about Kobojo’s vision for the year to come. It is a clear and hungry one. Franck Tetzlaff believes that social games and mobile games are fast becoming one and the same thing. […]