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EU report outlines new cybersecurity risks with 5G

5G mobile networks could bring new cybersecurity vulnerabilities to European infrastructure, according to a joint risk assessment report published by EU member states.  The European Commission and Finland, which currently holds the rotating EU presidency, warned in a joint statement: “In this context of increased exposure to attacks facilitated by suppliers, the risk profile of […]

UK-based firm will unveil world’s first flying taxi hub in Singapore

UK-based firm will unveil world’s first flying taxi hub in Singapore

The Essex-based company Skyports will unveil the world’s first hub for flying taxis, for industry executives at the Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress later this month in Singapore, according to Bloomberg.  They’ll demonstrate their new “vertiport” with a test flight of an electric aircraft from the German company Volocopter, which has said Singapore is a likely […]

When content is deemed illegal in Europe, Facebook can be forced​ to remove it worldwide, top court rules

When content is deemed illegal in Europe, Facebook can be forced​ to remove it worldwide, top court rules

Europe’s top court has ruled that Facebook can be ordered to remove illegal content from its entire global platform, even if it’s legal elsewhere, according to Politico, The company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, immediately said that he plans to challenge the decision by Europe’s Court of Justice in Luxembourg.  The court ruled that EU law allows judges to order […]

Authorities ask Facebook to rethink its plan to encrypt messaging, citing public safety concerns

Officials from the UK, US, and Australia are asking Facebook to reconsider its plan to encrypt user messages, saying it could hinder efforts to fight terrorism and ensure public safety, according to The Guardian.  In an open letter first reported by BuzzFeed News, UK Home Secretary Priti Patel, US Attorney General William Barr, and Australian […]

UK appeals court allows collective lawsuit of Google over iPhone privacy violations

A UK appeals court has ruled to allow a collective lawsuit against Google, for ignoring privacy settings to track the web activity of Safari users on iPhones, according to Engadget and TechCrunch. High Court chancellor Sir Geoffrey Ross said that if the lawsuit is successful, it would hold Google accountable for “deliberate misuse of personal data without […]

Europe’s highest court rules that websites need active consent to install tracking cookies

The European Court of Justice has ruled that companies must acquire active and explicit consent in order to install cookies and track users for advertising, according to Bloomberg.  The ruling states that the pre-checked boxes offered by many websites do not qualify as the active consent required by European law. Under the General Data Protection Regulation […]

Berlin-based medical reference platform Amboss raises €30 million in Series B funding

The Berlin-based startup Amboss has raised €30 million in Series B funding, to develop its learning and reference platform for doctors, according to TechCrunch. Amboss was first launched in 2014 as a study tool for medical students, but has since developed into a quick and convenient reference source for medical staff to use on the job.  […]

Google will remove news previews from search results in France, to avoid paying publishers

Google has opted to no longer display excerpts of news articles from European publishers in its search results in France, in order to avoid paying the publishers, as required by new EU copyright rules, according to Politico.  Article 15 of the EU’s copyright directive allows publishers to request payment from online platforms that display their content. […]

Political manipulation becoming ‘pervasive’ on social media, report warns

Manipulation on social media platforms has reached a massive, global scale in recent years, according to a new report from the Oxford Internet Institute, detailed by TechCrunch. Researchers investigated large-scale manipulation of public opinion by government and political parties, and found that the practice is widespread in 70 nations worldwide, compared to just 28 in 2017.  “Computational […]

YUBO: “We set limits and make users accountable for their behaviour”

Rude Baguette sat down with Annie Mullins OBE, founder of the Trust + Safety Group and user protection adviser to social media platform Yubo, to talk about Yubo’s bespoke algorithms, child protection policies, and challenges in shielding children from harm on the internet. RudeBaguette: Tell us a bit about yourself and your role in Yubo. […]