Berlin-based medical reference platform Amboss raises €30 million in Series B funding

Berlin-based medical reference platform Amboss raises €30 million in Series B funding

The Berlin-based startup Amboss has raised €30 million in Series B funding, to develop its learning and reference platform for doctors, according to TechCrunch.

Amboss was first launched in 2014 as a study tool for medical students, but has since developed into a quick and convenient reference source for medical staff to use on the job. 

According to CEO Benedikt Hochkirchen:

“Medical Knowledge does not find its way into practice efficiently. This has two main root causes: the way we educate doctors is outdated, and the way doctors access knowledge is inefficient.”

Hochkirchen argues that medical students are still taught to simply memorize facts, without enough emphasis on broader understanding or applying the knowledge. 

“In clinical practice, doctors would adapt 50% of their decisions if they had the latest and precise knowledge at hand. In real life on the wards, doctors lack the time to research and find the relevant knowledge. For them, Amboss’ smart guidance app is there to provide instant, convenient and reliable medical knowledge to carry out the best possible care.”

Hochkirchen says that the app can reduce the amount of time doctors spend doing research to make a clinical decision, from 30 minutes to just 30 seconds. And since it’s updated regularly, Amboss is just as useful for experienced, veteran doctors, offering the latest guidelines and therapies for every case. 

The funding round was led by Partech’s growth fund, with Target Global as co-investor. Amboss says it will use the funding to develop its platform to help generalist and specialist doctors “improve their daily clinical decision-making.” 

In 2017, the company opened their US headquarters in New York, gained leading doctors from Stanford, Harvard, and Yale on its team, and launched its app for the US market. The company says the new funding will focus on further development of its US platform. 

Amboss has already been adopted by over fifty medical schools worldwide as a resource for students. The mobile app is in use in nearly all German hospitals, and in two of Europe’s largest hospital groups. It reached 90 percent of market share within two years after launch. 

Omri Benayoun, a general partner at Partech, said:

“We are impressed by the unique cutting-edge approach of AMBOSS to pioneer faster breakthroughs and are excited to partner with the visionary and passionate team, which is impacting global health positively.”

Photo by Darko Stojanovic from Pixabay