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VC industry in Italy: Among the bleak reality of numbers and a pinch of optimism

By Philippe de Marsac   The last State of European Tech Report ( by Atomico) offers an unrelenting warning on Italy. Despite its $1.85T GDP, the country has not yet been able to generate a venture ecosystem compared to its true potential. It has invested only $3/capita (vs. $123 in Sweden and $45/capita in France). […]

Can blockchain integrate Uber, Didi, Ofo, Mobike et al with public transit and air travel?

Can blockchain integrate Uber, Didi, Ofo, Mobike et al with public transit and air travel?

By Si Ho, Integrated Transport Consultant, Deloitte   Today, the current mobility industry is fragmented and siloed. Travellers are using different booking and payment systems across varied modes of transport. A root cause of this is that the value in transport is held in many hands.   There is little interoperability between modes of transport. […]

What’s the difference between Sharing Economy and  On-Demand Startups ?

What’s the difference between Sharing Economy and On-Demand Startups ?

The following is a guest post by Jean-Jacques Arnal, Founder & CEO of Stootie. You can follow him on Twitter at @jjarnal  A lot of startups have emulated Uber’s approach on selected verticals like gardening, teaching or cleaning. They are often called On-Demand Economy (ODE) startups since they aim at transforming your mobile into a […]

Learning from French SaaS Founders

The following is guest post by Rodrigo Martinez, Early Stage Tech Investor at Point Nine Capital. At the early stage of a startup, the funding available usually doesn’t allow the hiring of senior talents. Therefore, investors are looking for founders who are smart and quick to learn all the stuff required to build a big business. […]

Web Summit Day One: virtual empathy, sexist data crisis & #strenghties

The following article is a guest post by Susie Hughes, Vice President of Allison+Partners, and Kate Lynch, Director at Allison+Partners. In Mike Krieger of Instagram’s keynote talk yesterday at Web Summit, he said Instagram’s mantra is “Simple things first.” It’s clear that the Web Summit team has taken the same approach over the past six years, […]

Why it's important for French startups to have one foot in the US at all times

The following is a guest post by Emmanuel Schalit, CEO of password management tool Dashlane. You can follow him online at @eschalit. When you start a company, it is common knowledge to try to get product market fit on your home market and move abroad afterwards. It’s already difficult to start a new business, why […]

When Chinese High Tech companies Invest in France

This post is by guest writer and China-based blogger Thomas Meriaux, who has worked and lived in China for several years. The world knows it: China has been the “El Dorado” for many foreign companies. They’ve all ‘flown over’ to Shanghai, Shenzhen or Beijing. Now, let’s turn the tables for a minute and take a look […]

The State of the Spanish Startup Scene

Jaime Novoa is a tech writer based in Madrid. He currently works forStartupxplore, the startup funding community connecting startups, investors and accelerators from all over Europe. He also covers the Spanish startup ecosystem at Novobrief. The Spanish startup scene has changed dramatically in the past 5 years and is now more professional, global and ambitious than […]

Why StartupBus matters for the French tech community

Paris, Brussels, Cologne, Stuttgart, Munich and Vienna. Around 35 French entrepreneurs, designers and developers will attend the 2014 StartupBus Europe  hackathon, a 72 hours stress-test on the road to launch a startup. Almost every French entrepreneurs working in the Internet industry know each other. They meet at a number of Tech event like Le Web […]

10 Figures you need to know before launching your Kickstarter campaign

The following is a guest post from Alexis Houssou & Barbara Belvisi, co-founders of Elephants&Ventures, a venture boutique helping hardware startups with financing & strategy. You can follow them on twitter at @alexishoussou and @b_belvisi. If there was such a thing as a hardware startup checklist, no doubt the “pre-order launch” box would feature prominently […]