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How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Mobile Technology

In today’s smartphone market, competing technologies are under substantial pressure to establish a lasting innovation advantage which will make their phone ‘smarter’ than rivals’. It’s not easy to stand out. Whatever ardent Android and iPhone platform users say, most phones in the same price segment come equipped with much the same hardware and software which […]

FrenchTechFriday – Bidmotion: the little big one in Mobile Marketing

FrenchTechFriday – Bidmotion: the little big one in Mobile Marketing

When you have designed an app, you obviously want to sell it. And sell it well. You need to advertise and this is when it gets tricky. You can hire heaps of analysts to monitor the effectiveness of your ad campaign and pinpoint the perfect space. Or you can ask Bidmotion. Bidmotion is a French […]

Study finds France lags other countries in mobile device screen time

Study finds France lags other countries in mobile device screen time

A study just released by Millward-Brown, confirms what many had been predicting for sometime – while we, unsurprisingly, live in a multi-screen world, mobile devices now account for almost half of daily screen time use across the world. The far-reaching study was conducted with 12k multi-screen users (those having access to a TV and/or smartphone […]

Smartphones and tablets set to top French consumers’ gift lists this holiday season

After enjoying bumper sales over the last few holiday seasons in France, tablet and smartphone will have even more reason to rejoice this year. According to a study just released by GfK French consumers are anticipated to spend €460 million on smartphones and €450 million on tablets this holiday season despite the tough economic environment. […]

Norway, France & Holland have highest penetration of tablets, smartphones, and connected TVs

France ranks #2 in terms of Smartphone, tablet, and and connected TV adoption,  according to a recent report by Offremedia. The report claims that penetration of these ‘new media’ is at 38.8% in Norway and 35.7% in France, as of 2012. The report also makes predictions about where these countries will be in 2015, and has […]

In-store smartphone activity growing rapidly in France

We’ve reported various times about the revolutionary impact that  smartphones have had on France (here and here).  comScore, has just published some research demonstrating that smartphones are now a key part of French consumers’ retail experience.  Most interestingly for retailers, it appears that when they’re in a physical retail store, consumers use smartphones to help […]