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Betting Big on Robotic Prosthetics

  Last month, a man in the Netherlands was among the first people in the world to receive a new type of click-on robotic arm. This new, rare kind of robotic prosthetic clicks directly into the bone and is able to be controlled by the patient’s thoughts, meaning that it opens up a whole new range […]

AntBleed: How BitMain Could Have Shut Down More Than Half of Bitcoin

AntBleed: How BitMain Could Have Shut Down More Than Half of Bitcoin

When members of the Bitcoin community found out last month about the anonymous release of AntBleed, an exploit in BitMain miner firmware that allowed for remote unit shutdown, many had the same reaction: they can shut down more than half of the Bitcoin network?! BitMain responded by assuring the community at large that they had never intended […]

Artificial Synapses for Artificial Brains

Artificial Synapses for Artificial Brains

  Creating an artificial intelligence similar to the structure of the human brain carries a range of benefits that drastically outweigh any potential drawbacks. Apart from copying a human’s ability to think creatively, learn rapidly from inconsistent data, and utilise the evolutionary benefits that many traditional artificial intelligences lack, artificial copies of human brains will also […]

The Growth of Cloud Infrastructure in Europe

2017 is seeing cloud infrastructure rise to a new prominence, all across the world but especially in Europe. At a keynote event in Barcelona, Atlassian CEO Scot Farquhar announced a wave of new investments in cloud infrastructure across Europe and noted the motivations behind these developments: “Our European cloud customers will experience improved performance and reduced latency. […]

General Data Protection Regulations: Effects on EU businesses

On May 3, Dublin hosted the Data Sec 2017 conference against the backdrop of the EU’s upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR). The conference highlighted concerns that Irish businesses won’t be prepared prior to the transition. After all, the GDPR does not merely require organisations to avoid doing harm to individuals in terms of the personal […]

How Artificial Intelligence Can Break a Business in Two Minutes

BB&T, Wells Fargo & Co and several other leading financial giants are not the nimble, agile businesses that many other industries are home to. They are slow, deliberate, and methodical. Every risk is weighed, every reward scrutinised. That’s why it made headlines when it was revealed that they were, from this quarter, diverting considerable resources […]