Hivy launches the solution every office manager needed

Hivy launches the solution every office manager needed


Hivy is a tool making the life of office managers easier and assisting them in their everyday tasks to build a better work experience. Co-founded by Pascaline Bertaux along with startup studio eFounders, Hivy has opened its service publicly today, after months of beta, during which French (DoctoLib, BlaBlaCar or Numa) and US (CareMessage or AdoreMe) clients already had the chance to use the solution. The app is available on the web, iOS, and can also be integrated to Slack.

The idea comes from Pascaline Bertaux past experiences. She figured out that organizing life in an office was very time-consuming and that staying tuned to employees’ needs was not simple. The office manager has access to a unique dashboard where they can see every office request from employees, and follow-up without forgetting a thing. A simple way to increase the well-being of employees at work and concentrate on other tasks.

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Short on office supplies or coffee ? Office managers can export an automatically generated shopping list to Excel before hitting the shops. Or, even better, they can simply click the “Buy” button integrated in the app to order directly from Amazon. “Hivy is the equivalent of the Dash Button. It is a unique tool to seamlessly handle an employee request from the first notification to the completion”, explains Pascaline Bertaux. They’re even thinking about integrating more suppliers Even local stores would be a good option paired up with a last-mile delivery service for maximum efficiency.

The aim is to allow office managers to concentrate on tasks with more added value. The app is not limited to the need of purchase or a shopping. Their solution answers three office problematics, what employees want, what they need and what they report. “With Hivy, we are able to consolidate all office related requests from our 225 employees in one place and manage them easily in just a few clicks. Hivy helps us make Doctolib a better place to work and maintain our employees happy“, says Zeïna Peerboccus, Talent & Happiness Manager at Doctolib.

Based on all the data collected, Hivy provides office managers with detailed analysis to help them anticipate problems and spot any recurrent issues that can be easily fixed. It will permit per instance to optimize purchase thanks to predictive analysis, but also track the satisfaction of the employees by knowing who are the ones making the most requests and the ones who seem the most satisfied.

Thanks to a simple product and a modern, up to date concept, Hivy launch seems pretty successful. It’s safe to assume that its integration with Slack, or the little feature allowing each company to customize the app with their own colors makes this solution even more appealing for young startups experiencing a strong growth.

At the moment, most of their clients are fast growing, tech-related startups, with more than 50 employees. Half of them are based in the US, indeed, office management has been deeply rooted in American workspaces for much longer. But it doesn’t mean that Hivy wants to restrict its activity to offices. “You can use Hivy not only for office management in an office but also for facility management in a building, relations in a shopping gallery, coworking spaces. Only your imagination is the limit”, concluded Bertaux.