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10 Promising SaaS Startups to look out for in 2019

Building a startup from the ground up is a challenging feat. In fact, it’s a well-known fact that 90% of new startups fail. However, this hasn’t discouraged thousands of ambitious entrepreneurs to try to bring their ideas to life year after year. 2018 has brought us some awesome startups that are here to stay – […]

French Tech Friday: The Swello Story

French Tech Friday: The Swello Story

How a summer break idea is tackling the big names in Social Media Management Tools (SMMT)   Meet Jonathan Noble, a 22-year-old French entrepreneur. Seven years ago (yep, your math is right), while in high school, he noticed his tweets were gathering more engagement when posted during school hours. Back in 2010, with no smartphone […]

Aspiring SaaS converts can learn a lot from Adobe

Aspiring SaaS converts can learn a lot from Adobe

Selling software on a cloud-based subscription model has become so commonplace these days that new software startups must have a pretty compelling reason if they intend to pursue the traditional approach of perpetual license sales. The cloud model is recurring in nature and thus provides a more predictable revenue stream. In the traditional perpetual license […]

Study suggests France’s IT sector will shrink in 2013

Although weathering the downturn better than other sectors, France’s IT sector hasn’t entirely escaped unscathed in 2013. Syntec Numérique, a leading association representing France’s tech sector, just released their annual report on the state of play in France, which projected that France’s tech sector will end the year down -0.3% from 2012. The hardest hit in […]

Tinyclues raises €1.4 Million from Elaia Partners et al. for their Predictive CRM

Tinyclues announced this week that they have secured a €1.4 Million round of investment from a suite of investors which includes Criteo-investor Elaia Partners; the startup says the vast majority of the money will go to improving their Predictive CRM, which crunches data on millions of existing and potential customers in order to identify evolving customers […]

France's Cloud Startups (series): A closer look at We Are Cloud – BIME

We Are Cloud – BIME is one of the fast-growing success stories in the space of cloud computing in France.  Founded in 2007 by Rachel Delacour and Nicolas Raspal, their objective was to transform the world of business intelligence (BI) by creating a simple-to-use, accessible, analytically sophisticated, cloud BI solution.  They’ve had quite a few impressive […]