Dailymotion’s new 360° feature and France’s bid for virtual reality

Dailymotion’s new 360° feature and France’s bid for virtual reality


French video platform Dailymotion just announced that the service will support 360° videos starting today, aligning on its biggest competitor YouTube, which introduced its feature in March 2015. Creators and partners can now upload immersive videos on the platform to connect and interact with their community.

The feature is available on desktop, via Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera Browsers. Dailymotion also becomes the first and only video platform to enable 360° video viewing on mobile browsers running on Android. Likewise, the feature will be available in the next few weeks on Dailymotion’s iOS and Android apps. Most importantly their HTML5 players is compatible with the feature, allowing publishers to share immersive videos directly on their websites.

Since the integration of immersive videos on YouTube and Facebook, and the acquisition of Oculus by the latter, it seems that VR is finally burgeoing. GoPro -who acquired Kolor last year, a French company that specializes in virtual reality software, is about to launch a 360° camera, and Facebook as recently announced its own device during its F8 Developer Conference.

Dailymotion and Kolor are not the only French player in the VR industry, some other companies are working on products going beyond than just watching or stitching 360° videos.

Photonomie, a startup that offers is the first immersive photo app that allows you to take immersive photos with just your iPhone. Just pivot and sweep your environment with your camera phone, from top to bottom, left and right, selecting just the angle you prefer, up to 360°. Viewers just need to shift their phones around to explore your Photonomie and can reply with one of their own. They demoed at Rude Baguette’s #ParisFounders event, and everyone was stunned by the video feature coming in the next version of their app. Immersive content creation made possible for everyone!

Including, but not limited to hardware, we have Giroptic, a Lille-based company which raised $1.4M on Kickstarter in 2014 with its 360 camera which takes pictures, makes videos, live streams, and is compatible with Virtual Reality. In addition to their hardware, they developed a video-stitching software that has gotten the attention of Facebook, Samsung & others. Cameras are currently going out to their Kickstarter backers and will be available for purchase starting May 24th.

Diaske another #ParisFounders alumni offers luxury brands, art galleries, and e-commerce companies a solution for creating highly realistic virtual showrooms. Visitors find themselves immersed in a world where they freely move, discover the brands products and buy them at home, comfortably sitting on their favorite sofa!

Mimesys is a holographic communication platform, basically, they are making Star Wars like communications possible. By developing a SDK which developers can use to integrate photorealistic real-size conversation in any VR or augmented reality project.

Mimesys‘ Co-Founder Rémi Rousseau will be on stage at Connected Conference in less than a month along with Solomon Rogers –Founder and CEO of Rewindand world-famous Robert Scoble from UploadVR, for an exciting panel about Virtual Reality: Who needs friends, when you’ve got VR ?. 

The 3-day event taking place in Paris and bring together 3,000 hardware & industrial professionals from 50 countries about the convergence of Industry & Internet.