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Winter Drones, Anti-Drone Drones: France has got Drone Fever

There’s no doubt about it: France has got drone fever. This past week Al Jazeera journalist Tristan Redman was fined 1000€ for flying a drone in Paris, which is illegal. While this incident, in isolation, may seem a bit extreme, it is only the latest in a series a drone-related incidents. Earlier this month no less than […]

MWC 2015 Highlights Day 1:  The Edge of Innovation

MWC 2015 Highlights Day 1: The Edge of Innovation

As with previous Mobile World Congresses, this year is bigger than the last. While the new Samsung Galaxy 6 (yes 6 already) is the big product launch this year, there are many other interesting developments and trends emerging at mobile’s biggest event of the year, perhaps adeptly taglined for 2015 ‘The Edge of Innovation’.  Here are […]

Pavegen Takes Steps to Advance ‘Green Floors’ in French Transport Hubs

Pavegen Takes Steps to Advance ‘Green Floors’ in French Transport Hubs

  London-based green tech company Pavegen recently announced a new partnership with SNCF to install its energy-producing floor tiles in SNCF’s Innovation and Research Office in Paris. Producing floor tiles capable of converting the kinetic energy of human footsteps into renewable energy, their installation in this corridor will power all of the LED strip lighting […]

Trampolinn looks to make home exchange the future of travel

Since 2008, the travel market in numerous cities and countries around the world has been disrupted by Airbnb. Travelers around the world now look to them and their many clones to help sort their lodging needs rather than instinctively relying on the hotel sector. In the process, they’ve also helped define what we refer to today […]

Attention Europe: The 'Second Wave' of Connected Cars has hit the Road

If you were looking for an update on the status of the connected car on the European market, you are in luck. Software and IT Services (SITS) consulting company Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) has released a study entitled “The Connected Car in Europe- Strategies and Technologies for Connected Driving”. The study is based on a […]