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Breaz is helping startups hire engineers at record-breaking speeds

Back in August, Rude Baguette published an article about Breaz and the eye it had on expansion into the European marketplace. Breaz is an innovative recruitment solution, creating a sort of auction for talent seeking employment. Tech companies sign up for its service, and are sent weekly lists of talent profiles, curated for those hiring. […]

Kelbillet expands to the UK with launch of pan-European brand Gopili

Kelbillet expands to the UK with launch of pan-European brand Gopili

In just under five years, Kelbillet has grown massively from a site to sell unwanted train tickets to become the leading travel search engine in France.  Unlike sites like Expedia, Travelzoo, Travelocity or even SNCF, Kelbillet’s biggest strength is that they help you figure out how to get from point A to point B domestically on […]

[Interview] Myfox CEO Jean-Marc Prunet introduces their new super smart home security system

[Interview] Myfox CEO Jean-Marc Prunet introduces their new super smart home security system

The last time we caught up with Myfox during mid-2014 they were announcing a partnership with IFTTT and discussing at our Connected Conference how they’ve managed to change the game in terms of home security. Fresh off the launch of their Now, with the launch of their innovative, hyper-connected, new Myfox Security System, receiving a coveted CES Innovation Award […]

Meet Ogury: the startup that finally cracked Mobile Advertising.

AdTech may be poised for consolidation in the coming 18 months, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still barriers to be overcome, opportunities to be taken advantage of. Mobile advertising is only working for a handful of people, but it’s still marginal in compared to display, video, or social advertising. Enter Ogury. Before we talk about […]

Phishing souring the relationship between French consumers and brands

Phishing, that highly deceptive and dangerous practice that far too many internet users have fallen victim to, is as troublesome in France as elsewhere. In fact, there’s evidence that the phishing phenomenon is souring the relationship between brands and their consumers. According to a study just released by French email protection firm Verifrom, 90% of consumers […]

Microsoft acquires calendar app Sunrise for more than $100 Million

Microsoft has acquired calendar app Sunrise for north of $100 Million. The company’s founder, Pierre Valade, all but confirmed the acquisition on Twitter today, marking a huge win for investors Resoluto, NextView, Lerer Ventures, as well as Angels including Loic Le Meur, Hunter Walk & Dave Morin, who poured a collective $2.2 Million into the startup 18 months […]

When competition heats up in France, Nest brings a Fire Truck

It’s been an exciting 12 months since Nest was acquired by Google. It has exceeded expectations in some departments, such as its ability to maintain its brand independence from Google despite the will of the press and their competitors. Nest also launched a second product, Protect, adding to its successful intelligent thermostat with an intelligent smoke detector. While its […]

After a tough 2014, France's music industry looks to streaming for growth

After having finally moved back into the black in 2013, 2014 overall was a disappointing one for the French music sector, which saw a 5.4% decline in sales for the year. However, the streaming business proved to be the bright spot in what was otherwise a very tough year for the sector. Streaming services, primarily […]

Can Curioos' new mobile app revolutionize Digital Art?

Art and interior design lovers: it’s time to whip out those phones and tablets and head to download the Curioos app! Curioos, a digital art factory, claims to have solved the number one obstacle standing in the way of art sales online from becoming mainstream. Their new application allows you to visualize one of Curioos’ […]

State of the (European) Union in VC

A couple years back I argued that the state of the union for VC in Europe was bleak. In particular, I was referring to the tax-advantaged retail fund sector — most prolific in France but not unheard of in some other European countries like in the form of the UK’s VCT vehicles. Today in contrast, […]