Azendoo launches new interface based on feedback from their 20k users



Rising star in the world of productivity and project management solutions, Azendoo, has just launched a big redesign of their interface which was largely based on the feedback of their 19k users across 160 countries. Following the recent big news of their Evernote partnership as well as their Google integration late last year, Azendoo views the new interface as a big step forward, particularly for users, as it “responds to your (users’) desire to do better more simply and more intuitively'”.

In addition to designing a more attractive and streamlined interface, the redesign also seeks to upgrade the user experience through various key improvements. Some of the principal improvements include enhanced ability to filter the workspace and make navigation within Azendoo more intuitive, use the full capacity of the screen, and create a personalized and more comfortable work environment allowing users to manage more projects. Azendoo is also likely to appeal to a broader range of companies now as the team has designed the interface to be”user-friendly for all types of companies, from bank’s and healthcare, to start-ups and services.”

On their corporate blog, Azendoo CEO Greg Lefort also announced that the launch of their new interface is only the beginning, with many more functionality and user experience improvements to come, including:

  • Integration with Dropbox and BOX,
  • Functions related to Workspaces: more administrative functions and the ability to use several email addresses,
  • Advanced project features, milestones, subject models, timeline views,
  • Repeating tasks, unassigning, commenting and individual tasks models,
  • Further email integration capabilities, task interactions and message subjects,
  • User task monitoring
  • Advanced filters (subjects / people / time …),
  • “Guest” users on a single, confidential topic,

As their approach to innovating heavily relies on their users’ input, they very much welcome feedback on the new interface. So if you’re an Azendoo user, make sure to share your reactions to the new version with the team. If you’re not yet a user and are curious to have a look, you can sign-up for a free account here.