Feb. 19th, The Mash Up returns to discuss the importance of technological innovation in entrepreneurship


The Mash Up LogoThis Tuesday February 19th, Mash Up is back for its 8th event, this time taking place at Novancia, a Paris Business School. The event, which looks to introduce university students to entrepreneurship through a combination fireside chat, networking session, pitch competition and job fair, has always done a pretty good job of bringing together the right people. This event, which will bring together Netamo & Withings founder Frédéric Potter, founder of Fabernovel & President of Cap Digital Stéphane Distinguin as well as two professors from HEC and Ecole Polytechnique’s respective entrepreneurship programs.

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Startups who wish to pitch have submitted their projects to a Facebook contest on Mash Up’s page, and peer review is under way (i.e: vote now for your favorite). As usual, I’m not particularly stoked about any of the projects which, when I checked, had the most votes – most seem to have had the same “oh that’s cool, what if I apply i to a different vertical?” inspiration that tends to come from first-time entrepreneurs. They all feel as if the problem was decided after the solution was, but the pitch fire never is the most important part to me.

What I really enjoyed about previous editions of this event is the way they organizing the networking sessions. People who are hiring where red badges, people actively looking for employment where green, and people who are undecided or just curious where yellow – press, of course, where’s white badges, the color of impartiality. There was no indication on the event page that they are organizing registration this way, or any mention of it on the event description, so we’ll see if this continues. This part of the event always came with a cool pamphlet of startups who were hiring and the positions/profiles they were looking to fill/for.

For the young entrepreneur, this is a great place to pick up eager interns who are looking to learn more – for students, this is a great opportunity, probably the best i know of in Paris,  to get a real introduction to the startup scene. This edition’s theme will be “the importance of technological innovation in entrepreneurship,” a topic I imagine many of the local startupers would have passionate opinions about.

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