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Jobs: Collateral Damage of Investment

The following is a guest post by Business Angel Jerome Camblain, who runs Camblain Advisors. He previous wrote about how startups in France need to worry of a funding gap between angel and VC funding. The collateral effect of a investing in a startup aiming at a capital gain is accidental and unintended but almost […]

360° Capital Partners long awaited new fund

360° Capital Partners long awaited new fund

Earlier this month, It was reported that 360° Capital Partners had raised a new fund of 60 million euros. Originally announced on Les Echos, the fund will be making seed stage investments of 200K€-1M€, as well as more classic series A/B tickets of 2M€-5M€. According to Emmanuele Levi, an associate at the VC firm, at […]

Gilles Babinet says 4 French Investment funds are leaving France

Gilles Babinet says 4 French Investment funds are leaving France

Earlier this week, a tweet from Captain Dash founder and France’s “Digital Champion” for the EU, Gilles Babinet, got a fair amount of attention. This may be perhaps because Babinet’s tweet claimed that he knew of four different French investment funds who will be leaving France directly because of the tax changes. Just days later, […]

Fed up with French Tax? MOVE Guides can move you to London!

The following is an approved guest post by Brynne Herbert Mon dieu! Much to the chagrin of France’s business and start-up community, Francois Hollande announced his foreboding tax changes this fall, including a disturbingly high 75% tax rate on incomes above £800,000 per year and 62.2% capital gains tax rate.  The outcry of the business […]

Paris Capitale Startup is a Huge Mistake by Pellerin

While a battle rages on between entrepreneurs & investors against the government’s proposed laws, dubbed The Pigeon Movement, Minister of the Digital Economy Fleur Pellerin has announced today her intention to build a tech hub for Paris. According to La Tribune, Fleur Pellerin has been inspired by London’s £10 Billion project “UK Tech City,” which […]

Rude VC: Pigeons don't poop in private

Wow, it has been quite a week ! President François Hollande’s Socialist government unveiled its draft 2013 budget comprising some potentially devastating tax dis-incentives for entrepreneurs and VCs. A revolt ensued, with the birth of the Pigeon Movement, an explosion of emotion on social media sites, worldwide media attention, and the culmination of a dialogue […]

3 Changes in France the #geonpi Have Not Prevented (yet)

French tech news has been pretty shook up this past week with readers and journalists trying to keep up to date with the ever changing announcements of how the new tax laws will affect entrepreneurs and investors – the globally known Pigeon movement has achieved a lot of amazing things in such a short time, […]