Envivio announces IPO to stream video to every screen


Envivio, a San Francisco-based company, announced its IPOyesterday for its video-streaming solution. Founded back in 2000 by ex-France Telecom Julien Signes, Envivio has been working for 12 years on streaming streaming Video over IP, and currently offers B2B solutions for mobile, PC, and TV, including On-Demand, Over-the-top, and multi-screen delivery.
While Envivio is headquartered in the Bay Area, it still maintains its main R&D offices in France, a trend that seems to be growing more & more. Seesmic & Plizy have both maintained major portions of their R&D departments in Europe, while operating primarily out of San Francisco. Though Envivio is a tech company from a previous “generation” of startups, it is interesting to note that, while they started in France, they chose to offer their IPO in the US and not in Europe – I can’t say that I’m particularly up-to-date on the implications of offering your IPO in one market vs. another, but it will be interesting to see whether this generation of European startups will follow suit, or if it will become acceptable to IPO in Europe.
Envivio plans to raise $69 Million in this IPO, offerring over 7Million shares at an initial stock price of $9,00.