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Europe's tech IPO market: Where's Santa?

Just when it felt like the market for European tech IPOs were opening, the events of the past few weeks have dashed those hopes. Days after Deezer announced the delay of its initial public offering, HelloFresh drew the same conclusion. In France, the only notable IPOs of late were Amundi and ShowroomPrivé. The asset management […]

VC Shenanigans, Chapter 1 (of Volume I, Book 1…)

VC Shenanigans, Chapter 1 (of Volume I, Book 1…)

“Never a dull moment,” one on my favorite co-investors would like to quip. After practicing the business of venture capital for almost a decade and a half now, I’ve witnessed my share of moments that were anything but dull. Someday I’ll write a book, I used to think to myself. Maybe someday. But until then, […]

Here we go: Criteo files its IPO, could be trading as early as October

Here we go: Criteo files its IPO, could be trading as early as October

Criteo has filed its public IPO documents with the SEC, meaning the IPO could be no more than a month away. The announcement, first picked up by AllThingsD’s Peter Kafka, comes as no surprise – the IPO has been long awaited, and with the company’s acquisition of mobile adTech company AD-X in July, it was […]

Rude VC: 3 broken arrows of growth capital in France

The other day during a stimulating conversation with five of French tech’s movers and shakers, the subject came up about the challenges facing high-potential tech firms in need of growth capital. Setting aside the Yahoo/DailyMotion debacle for a moment (which I fear will carry disastrous long-term consequences for cross-border m&a, one of the three ‘arrows’), […]

Rude VC: Euronext’s SME Marketplace

Last week NYSE Euronext announced the imminent launch of an “SME Marketplace.” Managed by a dedicated subsidiary set up in France, it will have its own brand, operating budget and team. It is hard to understand exactly what this means. Judging from the Euronext press release, the initiative appears to represent more of a hierarchical […]

Orange and Deutsche Telekom poised make billions off of EE in 2013

Reports have been trickling in since last November that Orange and Deutsche Telekom are planning an initial public offering for Everything Everywhere (EE), their wholely owned joint subsidiary in the UK. Most of the conversation was sparked by Orange’s CFO Gervais Pellissier, who stated last November that “there could be a place for an EE IPO […]

Rude VC: To IPO or not to IPO? – Going public in France

Forgive the bastardization of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, because when it comes to French tech IPO’s, one could argue that MacBeth is more appropriate (“Double, double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble…”). In my last two columns we reviewed the basics of IPO’s and examined some of the challenges that venture-backed companies like Facebook confront in […]

Rude VC: Intro to IPOs: US vs. France

If you’ve been reading the French press recently, you are no doubt aware that this week represents the start of a new adventure… I’m of course referring to the imminent road show for Facebook’s IPO.  Already affecting a billion people on the planet, and probably 100% of RudeBaguette readers, Facebook strikes me as the perfect […]

Envivio announces IPO to stream video to every screen

Envivio, a San Francisco-based company, announced its IPOyesterday for its video-streaming solution. Founded back in 2000 by ex-France Telecom Julien Signes, Envivio has been working for 12 years on streaming streaming Video over IP, and currently offers B2B solutions for mobile, PC, and TV, including On-Demand, Over-the-top, and multi-screen delivery. While Envivio is headquartered in the […]