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USA: Amazon’s facial recognition scandal

In the United States, a civil right organization worries about the use of Amazon’s facial recognition tool. Neither authorities nor Amazon have officially responded.   It can tell faces and text from a video at considerable speed. It can identify, follow and analyze up to 100 individuals per image. It is the flagship of artificial […]

Net neutrality: US States vs Telecom lobbies

Net neutrality was abolished in the US on April 28th but the dispute endures. While legal proceedings to cancel the FCC ruling are still underway, several states took measures to reinstate net neutrality. The telecom lobby threatens to sue them. It is now a certainty: the FCC ruling was only a skirmish.   April 23rd, […]

Ledger, creator of cryptocurrency wallet, raises 60 million Euros

There is one startup that is flying high and taking advantage of the big bang of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It’s Ledger. The young company settled in Vierzon convinced onlookers at the CES (Consumer Electronic Show): it is already profitable and has raised 60 millions Euros to continue its development. Could this be the next […]

Will Kodak make it back thanks to its blockchain and cryptocurrency?

Kodak, the ex-giant of photography, that completly missed the digital revolution, saw its stock soar by 120% in one day. This followed the announcement of a blockchain and a cryptocurrency for photographers worldwide. Trying to surf on a new technology or answer a real need of photographers? Decoding in progress.     While reading the […]

Meltdown, Spectre: here’s what you should know

Thunder strikes in the computer world for the new year. Cyber security researchers detected two critical security vulnerabilities: Meltdown and Spectre. They affect just about all processors on the market. If used, these would have devastating consequences. A patch is underway for the first vulnerability. For the second, it might be necessary to change the […]

End of Net Neutrality: striking back

[Translation of December 27th, 2017 article] It didn’t come as a surprise that the FCC voted the end of the Internet Neutrality on December 14th. This was a warning shot to all that defend a free and open internet. But reactions were quick to come. Led by Bernie Sanders, the (ultra) democrat candidate at the […]

French Startups take a stand in climate change

Fighting climate change is linked to new technologies: smart objects, smart grids, smart city. The tech world also provides other initiatives, isolated measures, that help lower climate change and protect the planet. The French Tech excels in this field. Here are three fine initiatives.   Along the One Planet Summit, let’s focus on tangible solutions […]

Finamatic, la start-up d’aide au financement public, s’associe à des plateforme de crowfunding

Finamatic est spécialiste dans la recherche d’aides publiques pour les start-up : l’entreprise vient de signer un partenariat avec trois grandes plateformes de crowfunding, Ulule, Landopolis et SmartAngels, afin de déployer son offre. L’objectif avoué est de passer de 300 à 3 000 clients en un an. Créée début 2017, Finamatic est une start-up portée par […]

Des acteurs de l’audiovisuel mondial montent au créneau contre le streaming illégal

Une telle union pouvait semble irréaliste voici encore quelques années : une trentaine de groupes concurrents, tous liés à l’industrie du cinéma, de l’audiovisuel et du divertissement, dont Netflix, Disney, Canal+, etc., viennent de s’unir. Leur objectif commun est de défendre la créativité face aux plateformes de streaming et de téléchargement illégal. Car, à terme, […]