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The US Stocks fall after Walmart’s profit warning, as it drags down other retail names.

On Tuesday, the US stocks fell after Walmart cut its earnings forecast. This sends other retail shares lower while causing concern that consumer spending may not be sufficient enough to put the US out of recession. Walmart agrees it has cut its quarterly and yearly profit estimates on Monday due to increasing food inflation, alarming […]

<strong>US Stock hits rock bottom</strong>.

US Stock hits rock bottom.

Today, the US stock has regressed in the new market week. Investors are on the brink after multiple trials to rebound the market structure in previous weeks. Investors are keeping an owl’s sight on the inflation and consumer spending amidst the federal reserves. On Monday, the S&P 500 dipped at a rate of 0.7% at […]

<strong>Investors are turning cautious on Chinese stocks amidst growth concerns</strong>

Investors are turning cautious on Chinese stocks amidst growth concerns

EPFR Global has reported that investors are growingly cautious about Chinese stocks, particularly those listed overseas.  This increasingly cautiousness is seen mostly in the first quarter of 2022, which was hit by geopolitical tensions and growth concerns. According to the data, the era closed with over $20 billion in net inflows to mainland Chinese stocks. However, […]