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No disrespect to VR, but I think HTML5 games will become trendy again

Almost exactly three years ago I attempted to expose my thinking on why I was enthusiastic about HTML5, at least from an investor’s perspective. Three years is of course an eternity in tech, and HTML5 has certainly progressed substantially in some ways I expected, while in other ways demonstrated my zeal in overestimating the immediacy […]

What I think about when I think about mobile gaming

What I think about when I think about mobile gaming

When people inquire about my investment strategy, I explain that I try to structure my investment thinking around themes or theses. Readers of this blog will recognize that one of my favorite investment themes over the past few years has centered on the value chain of mobile gaming. Often, I visualize aspects of a theme […]

HTML5 and Gamification: can they feed off each other ?

HTML5 and Gamification: can they feed off each other ?

The countdown to HTML5DevConf in San Francisco has begun and I am working on my presentation on how to use gamification to build a better user.   In this quest for building this better, or should I say happier, user the good news is that most of the technology tools are available but we have not […]

The HTML5 rush, Too Many Pick and Shovel vendors

When the Californian Hills called, many gold rush prospectors put aside their savings to head west and try their luck.  Some were able to afford claims while others joined consortiums to mine a specific area with a varying level of success. A few other entrepreneurs focused on servicing the miners and selling them tools. From […]

With 500K+ users, Leetchi brings Social Payments to mobile with a new site & iPhone App

We haven’t heard a lot from the Leetchi team since they raised a €$4Million round of funding nearly one year ago to date, allegedly intended for international expansion. The social payments site, which now boasts 500,000+ users on their service, launched a long-awaited iPhone application, and took the opportunity to optimize their web interface for mobile, […]

Rude VC: Why I’m enthusiastic about HTML5

I find that my best venture investing tends to happen when I structure my thinking around investment themes or theses. One current thesis I hold is that HTML5 will usher in a democratizing force comparable to the advent of web itself. It almost sounds like I’m overstating the obvious when I think about it like […]

Rude VC: Europe still has a winner in MWC

Last week Europe hosted the Mobile World Congress, an annual ritual in which over 60,000 people in dark gray and black suits invade Barcelona in an event originally organized by the consortium of mobile network operators. The event used to be called 3GSM, named after the nearly ubiquitous technology standard for mobile communication. The GSMA […]