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How thousands of Solana wallets were drained in multimillion-dollar exploit

Solana has become the latest victim of a crypto hack after its users reported that their funds were drained from “hot” wallets. The Solana’s Status Twitter account revealed that an unknown hacker drained funds from about 8,000 wallets on Solana. The loss is estimated to be up to $8 million. The attack, however, only affected […]

<strong>‘Callback’ phishing campaign impersonates security firms</strong>

‘Callback’ phishing campaign impersonates security firms

A new report has emerged on how a new callback phishing campaign is impersonating popular security firms to trick potential victims into having a phone call that would instruct them to install malware. CrowdStrike Intelligence researchers found the campaign because CrowdStrike is one of the firms being impersonated. The campaign uses a phishing email to […]

<strong>FBI warns of Deepfakes interviewing for tech jobs, says the co-worker doesn’t exist</strong>

FBI warns of Deepfakes interviewing for tech jobs, says the co-worker doesn’t exist

The US FBI has warned of a situation that sees deepfakes and stolen personal details being utilized to apply for work in the US, like faking video interviews.  The attention to remote work comes with its good and bad sides. It’s giving room for scamming, resulting in security standards being updated. This deepfakes scam has […]

French startup Ledger wins Cyber Security Award at the CES 2019

When it comes to crypto-currencies, getting them is only half the battle. The other half is storing them and keeping them safe. There are many stories of unfortunate crypto-currency holders who misplaced fortunes. Several options exist to safeguard your crypto-currency and the most successful one just got a cool update.     Ledger: one of […]