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How Pelosi’s Taiwan trip puts TSMC back in the spotlight of US-China rivalry

Nancy Pelosi, the US House Speaker may have left Taiwan, but her visit has shown a spotlight on Taiwan’s significant role in the world chip supply chain, particularly on the globe’s highest chipmaker, TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co). The controversial visit, which angered China, saw Pelosi meet with Mark Liu, the TSMC Chairman. The meeting […]

<strong>My garlic for homes, how China struggles to revive its property industry</strong>

My garlic for homes, how China struggles to revive its property industry

China’s real estate sector is struggling to recover as non-Covid policies, and developer debt wears down buyer’s demand. The food-for-property barter replicates rising desperation among property builders after a fall in the trade caused by Covid-19, financial slowdown, and central authority insurance policies. The property builders and provincial officers have been counting on 100mn city […]

<strong>Is Globalization Over? And Has the Global Culture War Started?</strong>

Is Globalization Over? And Has the Global Culture War Started?

It’s no news that the process of globalization has slowed. In some cases, it has kicked into reverse. In fact, the world isn’t converging. It’s somewhat diverging.  Immigration flows have reduced, and as reported by the Economist, the global trade fell by 5% between 2008 and 2019, accompanied by fresh tariffs and trade barriers. Also, […]

Minority Report is real : we can now foresee crime

1956: That was the year the book “Minority Report” was written by Philip K. Dick. 2019: That’s when it will become a reality. With the National Data Analytics Solution, welcome to the age of preventing crime before it happens. Maybe.     Preventing crime   “Minority Report” is a novel written by Sci-Fi author Philip K. Dick. […]

Why is China investing so heavily in Greentech?

China is currently the largest investor in clean energy development albeit still the world’s largest emitter of carbon dioxide. It recently pledged as part of the Paris Agreement to source 20% of its energy by 2030 in low-carbon. China is following through with their promises, accounting now for 60% of global solar cell production as […]

RudeVC: Don’t shoot the messenger (App)

In continuity of last week’s piece on the arrival the Japanese mobile game models to Europe, I thought it appropriate to discuss another tech trend in Asia which makes me enthusiastic for potential investment opportunities, even here on the old continent: the next-generation of mobile messaging apps. Most Europeans are familiar with WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, […]

It’s not just Parisian Ghost Towns: China signs deal with Paris Metro RATP for Shenyang

Earlier this month, the city of Shenyang launched 3 new tram lines, according to LesEchos, having signed a contract with RATP and Transdev joint venture RATP dev. With another three lines set to launch soon, the new metro system is set to 65 metro stations, which will cover 70 Km and the transportation of 7.2 […]

What's wrong with being a copycat?

It's funny almost to the point of hilarity. We applaud numerous copycat companies around the globe (Yandex anyone?) but are quick to criticize when it comes to Europe.