Code Intelligence raises $12M Series A Funding.

<strong>Code Intelligence raises $12M Series A Funding.</strong>

In an announcement made by application security testing platform Code Intelligence, the company stated it had raised $12 million in Series A funding. The funding round was led by Tola Capital.

The startup was founded in 2018 and is located in Bonn, Germany. The co-founders are Sergej Dechand, Khaled Yakdan, and Matthew Smith

Dechand and Yakdan graduated from the University of Bonn where Smith was their professor. He is currently the advisor and co-founder of the company.

The purpose of this automated software security platform is to fuzz codes without forcing developers to pay conscious attention to this tool in their development pipeline.

Its automated fuzzing process is combined with other software testing platforms like GitHub, Jenkins, and GitLab. It provides a seamless way for developers to test and secure their products.

“We want to live in a world where the devices, services, and systems we rely on every day are truly secure,” said Dechand. 

Dechand believes the company has set the goal to assume the number one platform for any application security testing. 

According to him, “Our mission is to give every developer the necessary tools to write more secure code, even without deep security expertise.”

“We work closely with the open-source community to spread the ‘test early and often’ mindset and make security a welcome part of every developer’s daily coding,” Dechand added.

This recent funding round sums the total funding of the company to about $15.7 million. The round was aided by the company’s existing investors, including HTGF, OCCIDENT, LBBW, Verve Ventures, and GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke.

Dechand told TechCrunch that the company noticed fuzzing and other techniques are very powerful, but no one used them outside the security research community.

He added that they started collaborating on the project when they were in university with a few larger enterprise companies and achieved good results. The group didn’t plan on starting a company, but they had a prototype of their product.

For the moment, the company’s closed beta platform provides support for Go, C++, Java, and Kotlin. In the future, the company hopes to create a self-service platform that also caters to .NET, JavaScript, and Node.js.

Tola Capital’s vice president, Will Coggins said Code Intelligence was the most advanced automated fuzz testing solution for applications and APIs. 

He added that the software was easy to use and that its technology had enormous potential to improve how development teams create secure software.

A developer at CARIAD, Andreas Weichslgartner, also shared his opinion about the platform. According to him, the Code Intelligence platform helped the developers at CARIAD have clear, actionable reports. 

These reports facilitated the development process because it allows them to reproduce, understand, and fix the findings without the hassle of dealing with false positives.

CARIAD is one of the development companies that use Code Intelligence. The platform is also trusted by Google, Tenzir, and Deutsche Telekom.

Photo by Anthony from Pexel