ARIANEE secures $21 million to ownership NFTs using physical luxury goods

ARIANEE secures $21 million to ownership NFTs using physical luxury goods

Arianee, an NFT company in France, has secured $21 million in funding during a series A round led by Tiger Global

With the amount, the company is set to partner with Sandbox on a project to boost customer relationship management (CRM) on the Metaverse. 

Arianee’s Ethereum NFTs have gone through testing and acquisition by several brands like Printemps, Breitling, Groupe Casino, Vacheron Constantin, Paris Fashion Week, and Panerai. 

The project’s main goal is to link NFTs into the fashion space to create more value for expensive merchandise. While doing this, the company hopes to promote efficient CRM in the metaverse. 

The CEO of Arianee, Pierre Nicolas, reinstates that the inclusion of NFT into CRM will make it a digital tool to enable people to gain digital presence while still being in full control of how their data stands. 

Arianee is constructing an advanced CRM on Metaverse

The project is a simple one. For example, a fashion brand can issue you an authenticity card on any product you buy. x

The card comes with a viral certificate which grants you automatic ownership of the product on the Metaverse. The owner has a unique serial number and activation date. 

If you wish to sell your product, it’s also entirely possible in the Metaverse. If the buyer has doubts, you can prove the originality of the profits and transfer the digital certificate to the prospective buyer. 

The certificate isn’t linked to an email address or a name, so it’ll be easy to transfer. To complete the transaction, customers will create a wallet address where these certificates are kept. 

Arianee customers can also make use of the certificates as an advantage. When first-time and existing users download the Arianee app, they’ll add a digital passport. After that, brands can now reach customers from their smartphones. 

The advanced CRM notifies brands about what their prospective customer looks for in a product. 

Asides TigerGlobal, the company has had several other investors such as Bpifrance, ISAI, Noia Capital, and Cygni Labs. 

In a recent interview, the CEO and co-founder of Arianee, Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, said, “The structure of the investment in both equity and $ARIA20 token shows how a diverse global range of investors, from Bpifrance to TigerGlobal is willing to invest on open source and SaaS web solutions.”

“Web3 is eating the world, and we believe brands can leverage this revolution to regain control of their digital presence,” he added.

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