ClickUp launches virtual whiteboards tool to help hybrid teams to create fresh ideas for life.

ClickUp launches virtual whiteboards tool to help hybrid teams to create fresh ideas for life.

The Covid-19 pandemic in some parts of the world has accelerated the hybrid work model as several firms permitted their staff to work from their homes.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic started in February 2020, just 2% of the American workforce was working remotely. And by May 2020, the number jumped to about 70%. 

Working from home is becoming a norm for some companies, especially internet-based firms. 

However, working from home has its collaborative problem since staff needs to work collaboratively. 

This is where productivity powerhouse ClickUp comes in. ClickUp is a San Diego-based startup with a productivity platform that replaces workplace apps in a company to make it simple for workers to collaborate effectively.

On Monday 4th of April 2022, ClickUp launched into a virtual collaboration market following the release of ClickUp Whiteboards.

The ClickUp Whiteboard is a single avenue for distributed teams to bring significant ideas together and function collaboratively to bring the ideas to reality. 

Whiteboards aim to address the rising problem of teams attempting to brainstorm, provide ideas, and visually work together on projects in a hybrid work environment.

ClickUp Whiteboards- The only visual collaboration solution for teams’ ideas and work

ClickUp believes it’s the only collaborative whiteboard that helps teams effortlessly organize, brainstorm, and implement projects from anywhere without jumping between tools. 

It offers visual collaboration solutions that connect to the team’s ideas and work.

The ClickUp platform is currently combining whiteboards with Docs, Goals, tasks, and Dashboards to make the globe more productive.  

Following the launch of Whiteboards, ClickUp commissioned research to find out how staff prefers to learn and collaborate. 

The findings indicated that 67% of staff categorize themselves as visual workers. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 60% admitted they find it more problematic than ever to think and collaborate in real-time with colleagues. 

This made 64% reveal that they’ve done less brainstorming with their colleagues.

According to ClickUp CEO Zeb Evans, “Collaboration requires more than just a place to meet and brainstorm. Teams need to be able to seamlessly access the context around their work and turn ideas into action, without having to jump to another tool. In fact, nine out of ten workers today say they would prefer to be able to manage all their work in one place, rather than having to use different tools for different tasks”.

“ClickUp Whiteboards solves this challenge, as it is built natively into the broader ClickUp platform, together with tasks, Docs, Goals, Dashboards, and more, providing a single place for teams to work more efficiently and get more done,” he added.

Over 200,000 teams now use ClickUp globally.

In the meantime, ClickUp has revealed that its platform is currently being used by more than 200,000 teams globally, including teams in Uber, Google, Netflix, and Nike.

ClickUp was established in 2017 by Zeb Evans and Alex Yurkowski. It provides an all-in-one customizable workplace productivity solution to serve all departments in a company.

Its success has attracted investors’ attention. Now several top-notch VC firms are ready to put millions into the firm.

Photo by Making team from Flickr