The rise of biotech startups and recent trends in the industry

The rise of biotech startups and recent trends in the industry

Biotech startups are steadily on the rise. And this comes as no surprise, as these startups are playing pivotal roles in society, providing modern-day solutions to modern-day problems. The United state has the largest number of tech startups in the world, with about five times more than the second position, India. Out of this astonishing $329.5 billion put into startup investments across all stages in 2021 alone.

Definitely, the future is technology! 

However, one fast-rising sub-sector that more attention needs to be placed on is the Bio-tech sector. Biotech start-ups have been valued at an astounding $299B, and this has been predicted to rise even further as we are currently in an era where there is an ever-increasing spectrum of drug modalities. But first, we need to understand what biotech start-ups are. 

Essentially, biotech start-ups try to understand the basics of living things and how -using molecular biology techniques and chemical and physical properties of cells- to manipulate the building blocks of living things. These bio-molecular processes can be used to create technologies and products that can significantly improve the health of every human. Therefore, we need to look at some of the biotech start-ups that have revolutionized the biotech industry.

Kriya therapeutics

Kriya Therapeutics is one of the foremost biotech start-ups that are developing gene therapy treatments. These treatments aim to cure obesity, diabetes, and other common illnesses. Additionally, they are also working towards a massive reduction in the cost of such treatment per dose and its accessibility and delivery to the pertinent markets. 


Cellarity is a start-up that is blazing the trail when it comes to drug discovery. Their innovations and research are geared towards impacting cell behavior rather than just individual proteins. Cellarity aims at understanding how such diseases affect cell behavior rather than the conventional approach to drug discovery, which is target-centric. 

 By combining high-resolution data, the latest developments in machine learning, and unique biological insights, Cellarity works towards simplifying the most complex diseases. 

Bionaut labs

Bionaut Labs have cemented their spot as a ground-breaking startup in the biotech industry. Their major objective is radically transforming the treatment of brain disorders. The start-up has created a novel modality of remote-controlled micro-robots named “Bionauts” to radically change the treatment of Central Nervous Systems (CNS) Disorders. 


EQRx was formed to ensure transparency in the pricing and affordability of drugs. Formed in 2020, it brought together the world’s renowned researchers, patient advocates, and even health economists and raised a staggering sum of $800M in funding. It revolutionized the medical industry by restoring the trust between the pharmaceutical industry and the patients. 

In conclusion, these start-ups –and a host of others that we may not be able to review- have indicated significant progress can be made in the medical industry –and any other sector, for that matter- if we are armed with the right amount of knowledge and dedication. 

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels