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Google will remove news previews from search results in France, to avoid paying publishers

Google has opted to no longer display excerpts of news articles from European publishers in its search results in France, in order to avoid paying the publishers, as required by new EU copyright rules, according to Politico.  Article 15 of the EU’s copyright directive allows publishers to request payment from online platforms that display their content. […]

Political manipulation becoming ‘pervasive’ on social media, report warns

Political manipulation becoming ‘pervasive’ on social media, report warns

Manipulation on social media platforms has reached a massive, global scale in recent years, according to a new report from the Oxford Internet Institute, detailed by TechCrunch. Researchers investigated large-scale manipulation of public opinion by government and political parties, and found that the practice is widespread in 70 nations worldwide, compared to just 28 in 2017.  “Computational […]

YUBO: “We set limits and make users accountable for their behaviour”

YUBO: “We set limits and make users accountable for their behaviour”

Rude Baguette sat down with Annie Mullins OBE, founder of the Trust + Safety Group and user protection adviser to social media platform Yubo, to talk about Yubo’s bespoke algorithms, child protection policies, and challenges in shielding children from harm on the internet. RudeBaguette: Tell us a bit about yourself and your role in Yubo. […]

Uber is again denied a full license in London, granted only two-month extension

Uber has been granted a two-month extension to its provisional license in London, with an application for a full license rejected by authorities for the second time in as many years, according to The Guardian. Transport for London (TfL) first rejected Uber’s license renewal in September of 2017, saying it was not a “fit and proper” private […]

EU high court rules that its ‘right to be forgotten’ law applies only to European search results

The European Union’s Court of Justice has ruled against French data authorities in their effort to apply EU privacy standards to search engines in other parts of the world, according to Politico. The EU’s 2014 “right to be forgotten” rule allows Europe’s residents to demand that certain links associated with their name are removed from search engines […]

Google says it will seek explicit permission to store and review voice recordings

Google has said it will ask for clear permission to allow staff to hear audio recordings from users, according to BBC News, after it and other tech giants came under fire for the practice following revelations earlier this year. Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple have all used human reviewers to help identify words and phrases and […]

Macron announces €5 billion in funds to develop tech startups

President Emmanuel Macron announced last week that investors have pledged €5 billion to develop France’s fledgling, homegrown tech startups into larger companies. The government has already provided tax cuts and subsidies to assist startups, as well as a fast-track visa to attract foreign workers. But while Silicon Valley startups often see investment from venture capital […]

Google invests €3 billion to expand data centers in Europe, with a focus on clean energy

Google has announced plans to invest €3 billion to expand its data centers in Europe over the next two years, with a focus on sustainability and clean energy, according to Tech Crunch.  The company’s data centers are hubs for digital storage, networking, and cloud computing for its services, allowing data to be stored online instead of […]

New BBC app aims to help children develop a healthy digital life

The BBC has launched an app to help manage children’s online habits and conduct, which debuted on Wednesday for users in the UK, according to BBC News and Engadget. Called “Own It,” the app’s central feature is a keyboard that appears when the user is typing, and uses AI to detect when children could be sharing personal […]

Facebook reveals plan to establish independent oversight board to moderate content

Facebook has published details of its plan to establish an independent oversight board to moderate content on its platform, with the power to overrule CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other company executives, according to BBC News. The plan for the Facebook “supreme court” was first announced in a blog post by Zuckerberg last November. On Tuesday, on […]