Can cryptocurrencies make the World Cup feeling last a little longer?

Can cryptocurrencies make the World Cup feeling last a little longer?

ball in soccer cage

A famous football star, Didier Drogba and digital network are launching the “ Digital Championship” to give away 35 million ME to users and charity.


Didier Drogba, a forward of Phoenix Rising, also well-known as the most resultative FC Chelsea foreign player and the Cote-D’Ivoire national team captain, took part in the press conference on July 13, 2018 at FIFA press center in Moscow.


Soccer player and ambassador 


Didier helps his native Cote-D’Ivoire to develop the education and public health spheres. He actively donated for the construction of Abidjan hospital as well as the mobile medical centers distribution. The charity part of the Contest prize fund, which is 3.5 million ME tokens, will be sent to Didier Drogba charity fund (Drogba Foundation, and spent to support children’s football infrastructure.


 Didier has become an ambassador of, a multi-functional digital network. Together they decided to extend the World Cup to the end of the year because one month is a very short time to feel the Championship atmosphere. Therefore they are launching the “ Digital Championship”, a contest which has a prize fund of 35 million ME, 10% of which will be sent to charity.


“Most of the networks make billions of dollars of the advertising. But they don’t give users anything in return other than providing them with a communication platform. By giving people an additional source of income, gives them an opportunity to fulfill their dreams and live on a new level, which is a great chance for a lot of people all over the world” says Drogba.


Endorsement of cryptocurrencies by celebrities is a new all-in-one mobile application and social network.The app shares 50% of advertising revenue with its users. Didier says that he believes in the model of because he finds it fair.


It is not the first time celebrities endorse crypto initiatives. Soccer stars Luis Suarez and Ronaldinho both offered their support to various blockchain endeavors. Very recently, Singer Peter Gabriel has co-funded blockchain startup Provenance. Could this be the beginning of mass adoption?