#FRENCHTECHFRIDAY: Let Anyleads increase your sales

#FRENCHTECHFRIDAY: Let Anyleads increase your sales

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When trying to get news clients, companies must find leads. Those are potential sales contacts who should be keen on your product. Some of them send you an email: easy. Most of them don’t and you need to reach out. But how do you contact someone when you don’t have their email?
It’s not that difficult thanks to French startup Anyleads.

Serial Entrepreneur

Anyleads started as a part of Anygrowth. Launched by serial entrepreneur Mathieu Picard, Anygrowth was a toolkit for anyone wanting to jumpstart their company’s marketing efforts.
Anyleads was one of the tools of Anygrowth and really drained most of the users. Mathieu decided to make Anyleads a standalone website and put all his efforts into developping this Saas. Anygrowth is no more, but Anyleads is making its mark in a competitive area.

How does Anyleads work?

Anyleads basically works in two ways. The first one is to get emails from would-be customers. Say you want to send an offer to all the CEOs in the Paris area, Anyleads will provide you with those emails. Only about 10% of the emails will be deemed “invalid”. These are very low figures. Competitors can have up to 40% of invalid emails coming up in the search. Needless to say – but it’s better to say it anyway – this is done legally.
The second part is a marketing technique called automation. Emails and replies are automatic depending on the recipient’s behaviour. The parameters are set within the app and it then brings the prospect to become a client with little human action.

The split-up team

The headquarters of Anyleads are in Paris but founder Mathieu Picard is in San Francisco. Why? Then support can be available at any time of day dispatched either from the European branch or the US branch. Trust and autonomy are the key words when working with an oceanic barrier between members of the team. Having met while studying and becoming friends sure helps with teambuilding.

The competition and the killer feature

Anyleads is all but alone on the lead generation market. There are 10 to 15 other companies in France alone and about 200 worldwide. As stated before, the quality of the emails gathered is most important – who likes the bouncing notice right after sending a batch of emails? This feature alone helps to choose more efficient solutions. But Anyleads has a distinctive feature and it is in the pricing.
Most other solutions price their plans according to the number of emails generated. The more emails you require, the more expensive it is. But not with Anyleads, lead generation is unlimited. And that is usually a very convincing feature for marketers.

What’s in store?

In 2018, Anyleads plans to enhance functionalities and has a few new features in store. Expansion is underway: Europe is already the n°1 user base followed but the US and UK. No recruiting is planned though. And Mathieu has some other startup ideas.

“Less Talking, More Doing”

Being a marketer as well as a developer helps going from idea to product more quickly. Mathieu believes in the motto “less talking, more doing”. He has done a lot already but he is not planning to stop just yet. With two more startups on the way, there’s a lot more “doing” to come!
If you’re interested in trying out Anyleads, Mathieu is offering a 30% discount on the first month to Rude Baguette readers. Code: RUDE30