#ConnectedConf: Interview with Matooma’s CEO, Frederic Salles

#ConnectedConf: Interview with Matooma’s CEO, Frederic Salles

Connected Conference
is a 3-day conference & expo highlighting the intersection of Industrial & Internet sectors. During these three days, Montpellier-based startup Matooma, official sponsor of the conference, invites you to discover their Machine-To-Machine innovations. This includes a managed IoT service based on SIM card connectivity which allows equipped objects to communicate over the 3G networks of Orange France, Bouygues Telecom and SFR.

Recently, they launched their own private network, MatooWan, which has already been tested at five companies including photo booth network Photomaton, electrical componants manufacturer Legrand, data verification Securitas, and insurer Europ Assistance.

In preparation of Connected Conference, we interviewed Frederic Salles, Founder and CEO of Matooma, about the reason for this sponsorship, but also the future of the company and IoT in general:

Connected Conference is all about the intersection of Industry & the Internet. Where do you fit in this intersection?

Matooma sits perfectly at the intersection of Industry and the Internet. Why? Here are just a few reasons:
– Matooma is a Machine to Machine company which provides IoT solutions to connect and manage connected devices.
– We simplify the management of device fleets connected by SIM cards around the world through a connectivity solution (Universal SIM Card: Matoocard) and a management platform (M2MManager).
– We simplify the deployment and the management of all IoT projects by providing access to the best possible connectivity thanks to a full range of dedicated and centralized services.
– Matooma is a B2B company with clients who are manufacturers and installers of connected devices, and industrial partners who design connected objects and put SIM cards into them.

How do you see things changing in the next 12 months?

The Internet of Things market will grow substantially in the next 12 months. Individuals and companies have different reasons to use IoT on a daily basis. The important thing is that the Internet of Things doesn’t change our way of life but rather improves our quality of life.

The increase of connected devices will cause a lot of changes, most importantly, security management. All connected objects connect to the Internet so it’s quite possible for there to be security issues. We will soon have many connected cars, like Google Car on the street. If someone hacks a connected car and causes an accident, the question is: who is responsible? The important thing here is to know what we have to do to avoid car hacking. We have to be able to anticipate potential issues.
In the classic Internet model, companies collect, process and monetize an individual’s data to the detriment of the individual. But, this model is over. We have to find a new model in which data belong to the individual and will not be used by companies. We have created the Internet for humans but today we have to develop a Internet for devices because it needs to work very differently.

What are you looking to find at Connected Conference?

Connected Conference is an established reference in IoT events and in the international market. Matooma is already a point of reference in its national market and wants to develop its international activity, we want to be part of an event that will give Matooma international visibility.

So, taking part in Connected Conference is a natural fit with our international strategy. That is why it is important for Matooma to be the official sponsor of Connected Conference. Connected Conference is the place to be to see the latest and future IoT innovations.

The conference will take place May 25th to 27th in Paris. 3,000 attendees (product-builders, innovators, distributors, journalists, partners & investors) from 50 countries (Europe, Asia & the Americas) are expected to explore the convergence of Internet and Industry for this 3rd edition. Check out the speakers list, and get your tickets here!