Meet the 5 startups selected to pitch tonight at #PARISFOUNDERS

Meet the 5 startups selected to pitch tonight at #PARISFOUNDERS


Tonight, our 10th and last edition of #ParisFounders is taking place at Palais Brongniart. During the past editions, we brought together nearly 5,000 attendees and received more than a thousand applications for startups who wanted to present their product on stage.

After this 10th edition, we will have seen 50 startups demo their on stage. Our alumni include including Front (YC), Wisemetrics (acquired), Phonotonic (CES Innovation Award), Birdly (YC), Selectionnist (Venture-backed), NeverEatAlone, MarieQuantier (venture-backed), Prizm (successful Kickstarter campaign), Braineet (seed-backed), Popchef (seed-backed), 3DSoundLabs (Kickstarted-backed), & Aircall (Venture-backed).

Here are the 5 startups we selected and that are going to demo their product on stage tonight:

Padam offers a new experience of public transportation for your daily commute. In average, people in big cities like in Paris area spend an hour and a half to go to work every day. Both stressful driving and riding overcrowded public buses or subways are very painful experiences. With Padam Daily, Padam offers a new and relieving way of commuting: thanks to the app, book your seat in our on-demand, private and comfortable minibuses, share your journey with just 6 or 7 people and ride to work without any connection. You can just relax and enjoy high-speed wifi! The secret sauce: their algorithm is taking care of optimizing the routes of all the vehicles in real time, to get everyone to their destination as fast as they can. Mixing Uber with traditional buses, Padam Daily is the future of public transportation.

POMP is creating the fuel distribution network of tomorrow, by offering companies and individuals the possibility to never again having to go to a fuel station. They allow a seamless and invisible way to get all the vehicles energy needs served. For companies this translates in endless cumulated time doing trips and stops at the fuel station, saving them money and allowing a more fluid logistical operation. For individuals, it gives them the comfort of being served on demand. Operating at the peak of the on-demand economy, most markets have been disrupted but not fuel, it continues to be served as it has been for the last 100 years. The model is up for a fresh way to do business.

Spendesk is a unique solution to generate digital or physical corporate cards for employees and easily manage expenses as a team. Today’s CFOs, accountants, and managers are struggling to manage their teams spendings, gather all the invoices and follow-up on their budgets. With Spendesk, team members get their own cards to pay, and get their job done smoothly. CFO’s and managers keep control of their budgets with custom limits per employees and custom validation workflows matching the company’s organization. Spendesk helps them keep track of all credit card payments in real time, from day-to-day expenses to online subscriptions. Accountants save time every day as all team members upload their invoices directly on the platform and all payments are being sent to their favorite accounting software. Spendesk is the perfect corporate card solution for companies of all sizes, from fast growing startups to SMBs.

Photonomie is the first immersive photo app that allows you to take immersive photos with just your iPhone. Show beautiful places to your friends and experience immersive discussions with them. Relive moments as if you were there. Just pivot and sweep your environment with your camera phone, from top to bottom, left and right, selecting just the angle you prefer, up to 360 degrees. Viewers just need to shift their phones around to explore your Photonomie and can reply with one of their own. Inspired by the algorithms embedded in NASA’s Mars rover “Opportunity” which uses a real-time 360 stitching solution, the founders decided to create an everyday version. The resulting technology is the culmination of more than a year of intense research and development.

Diaske offers luxury brands, art galleries, and e-commerce companies a solution for creating highly realistic virtual showrooms. Visitors find themselves immersed in a world where they freely move, discover the brands products and buy them at home, comfortably sitting on their favorite sofa! The idea was born from a simple observation: current e-commerce websites do not allow the same experience as the one we can live in a real store, and the products can’t be showcased in the most highlighting environment. Julien Berthomier and his team, all passionate about photography, design, and computers, have therefore teamed up to develop a technology that helps brands to create fantastic customized virtual shops.

France’s connection with Silicon Valley has historically been strong with more than 50,000 French citizens living there, this is why the focus of this edition of #ParisFounders is San Francisco. We invited some of the best founders and actors to speak about their own experience in the Valley such as Gaetan Gachet (VP Business Development at Algolia), Axelle Tessandier (Founder of Axl Agency), Marc Rougier (Partner at Elaia Partners) and much more. If you are interested in attending the event tonight, you can still signup bellow and enjoy the last edition of #ParisFounders.