GDC 2016: Où est LaFrenchTech ?

GDC 2016: Où est LaFrenchTech ?

gdc_2016_paysThe debate on the value of holding country pavilions at large tech conferences has merit. Whatever your views on the topic may be, France was conspicuously absent from this week’s Games Developers Conference in San Francisco. Germany, Italy, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, even Wallonia (Wallonia!) all hosted large structures at the conference, and those are just the Europeans. One attendee even wondered aloud to me whether France has any mobile gaming startups.

I submit that France represents one of the most appealing markets in the world for both mobile game talent and mobile game consumption. The real question is whether we want to keep this a secret…

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  1. Loic

    Actually, several French startups (us included) attended the parallel event Game Connection America ;]

    • Mark Bivens

      glad to hear that, Loic. i’d be curious to hear your comparisons of GCA vs GDC if you had the opportunity to participate in both

    • Loïc

      Well GCA is really about connecting with the right decision makers, if you know specifically what companies you want to target.
      GDC is more about getting exposure and randomly meeting with game developers 🙂

  2. Phil Jeudy

    I made the same comment while doing my weekly tour of the City on (a new French channel on Periscope) at GDC, but I actually felt somehow happy about it. First, you could say that French authorities have given up on the gaming industry when traveling abroad (did you hear the mess at CES or SxSW?!), while it’s obviously a domain where the French touch was very high. And still. But I would argue that I’d rather seen them spending money to support the gaming industry at home, because a lot of the jobs have disappeared in France while there is still a lot of schools in gaming or design, and no jobs opened for students. What do you think?!

    • Mark Bivens

      excellent points, Phil. individual EU governments spend so much trying to prove theirs is the best tech ecosystem when the real strength of Europe would be to work collaboratively. like you, i too sometimes wonder if the high expenditures on country pavilions at conferences like Mobile World Congress (to cite another) would not be funds better spent elsewhere.

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