Introducing AUDIENCE: bringing together Brands, Media & Technology

Introducing AUDIENCE: bringing together Brands, Media & Technology

As a media company, we’re very passionate about what it means to build an audience, to engage with it, to maintain it, and to monetize it. When I first started to think of Rude Baguette as more than a blog, I thought about what I wanted to do for my Audience – what did they want, how could I give it to them, and how I could convert the value of the content they were reading into revenue. This is the biggest problem that the media industry is facing, and like most contagious, this disease has spread from publishers to brands, from agencies to technology providers.

I’m really excited to announce that on March 9th, we’ll host the first edition of AUDIENCE, a digital media conference Brands, Publishers, Agencies & Technology Providers. We’ll spend the day talking with content creators, digital brands & innovators answering questions like “How do content creators monetize their Video audience?” and “Why should I use Snapchat?” – we’ll look at the fate of Premium content & brands, and how billboard & TV ads are transforming in th digital age, and how the roles of publishers, advertisers, brands & agencies aren’t just evolving, but blurring together.

The event is being hosted at Google’s Paris HQ – what better place to talk about Audience than with the single largest digital brand – and we’ll have great speakers from the technology industry (Doubleclick, Appnexus, Stickyads, Vigiglobe), as well as from amazing avant garde digital brands (Menlook, Showroom Privé & more)

We are only making 300 tickets available, in order to keep this a small and intimate gathering. We’ll have time between each theme to discuss and network, lunch will be provided, and we’ve got quite a few surprises for next month.

If you’d like to get involved, you can reach out to us here – grab your ticket today!