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Devialet is Bose's biggest threat

When Devialet announced they had raised €25 Million this past Summer from some of France’s biggest names – Xavier Niel, Marc Simoncini, etc. – it was clear that founder Quentin Sannié and team had big ambitions for what remained a relatively unrecognized brand, even from inside France. At the beginning of this year, however, Devialet […]

Etsy reopens Pop-Up Store in Paris for the Holidays!

Etsy reopens Pop-Up Store in Paris for the Holidays!

With the holidays approaching, so does the season of gift-giving.  For many, no matter how much you prepare, there always remains a select few who are impossible to shop for.  Do you buy them a fancy cashmere scarf?  Or maybe something more personal, like a first edition of their favorite book?  The pressure to find […]

Branded emoji-maker Feeligo raises €1.5 Million from Iris Capital

Branded emoji-maker Feeligo raises €1.5 Million from Iris Capital

Over the last two years, we’ve been covering the growing success of Feeligo (here, here and here), a rising adtech leader in branded, rich media content for native ad campaigns.  They first started making their mark in the ‘sticker’ or ’emoji’ market, a hot space in Asia, but still underdeveloped in Europe and elsewhere. Feeligo […]

Living (apart) with Triby

I don’t often do product reviews. In between the monotony of listing features & component and the terrible age of unboxing videos, I tend to let the user decide for themselves; however, when I saw Triby at the beginning of this year at CES, I was hooked. From a distance, Triby looks like a glorified connected refrigerator […]

What's holding back the IoT revolution?

The following is a guest post by Julie Robles, founder of Raw Motion and ex-Techstars associate. This piece was inspired by a collaboration with Teskalabs, a security for mobile and IoT company. Every week there is a new connected device on the market (a few days ago Tag Heuer launched its smartwatch with Google, and last week I […]

VC Shenanigans, Chapter 1 (of Volume I, Book 1…)

“Never a dull moment,” one on my favorite co-investors would like to quip. After practicing the business of venture capital for almost a decade and a half now, I’ve witnessed my share of moments that were anything but dull. Someday I’ll write a book, I used to think to myself. Maybe someday. But until then, […]