The unknown French startup whose clients are Ebay US, Expedia, Dailymotion !

The unknown French startup whose clients are Ebay US, Expedia, Dailymotion !


France was the amongst the top 5 most represented country at the Web Summit in Dublin. Going around, I got to meet Adrien Menard, CEO & cofounder of Botify. Not only does Adrien have the same surname as me (without the “s” but still), but he also studied at ESSCA French Business school!

Launched in 2012, Botify is an SEO tool that crawls your website and analyzes your logs to increase SEO with replicable data. It is based on the fact that search engines are not 100% effective because of the amount of content put on the internet every day and the fact that some websites are very badly structured. The French startup shows via a dashboard how their URL analytics platform helps websites such as Yellow Pages, Dailymotion, Expedia increase their organic, social and mobile

“After having spent the first three years developping the product, we are now getting into sales, marketing and being present within the ecosystem” says Adrien Menard. They were selected for the Web Summit among the most innovative French Start-ups by the French Tech, which means getting a free ticket and a tiny stand for one of the three days!

Today, Botify is growing fastly by more than doubling their revenues this year and next year. 45% of the revenues come from abroad already with clients such as Ebay US, Expedia and they aim at 90% by 2017. The business model is basic for a saas : a monthly subscription fee.

Want to join Botify ? They are looking to double their team with sales, product marketing, acquisition & retention, developpers (front & back end) etc.