Owl Perception launches VRTUOZ, the first multi-platform application for virtual reality

Owl Perception launches VRTUOZ, the first multi-platform application for virtual reality


Owl Perception, a French company specialized in virtual reality and 360° video, just launched VRTUOZ, the first multi-platforms and multi-headsets VR application focusing on the VR social experience.

VRTUOZ aims to make content and live events on the internet more user-friendly transforming the way users engage online with VR technology.

This objective is stressed in the interface of the application where an entire section is dedicated to the user agenda, to keep up with upcoming meetings and events.
While VR headset technologies, like Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and HTC Vive, are developing their own exclusive platforms, therefore accessible only with their technology, VRTUOZ is the first platform to enable users of these headsets to interact, no matter which technology they are using. Users will be able to host VR “content” parties in their custom designed space, whether it’s an apartment, island or a space ship. Indeed, the whole experience is customizable, from your avatar to your personal space and furniture. You will receive constant visits from your friends to simply catch up with them or to share VR content and 360° videos, which are much more entertaining and fun when experienced with someone.

As there are not enough videos tailored for virtual reality, VRTUOZ is planning to solve the content scarcity problem by adding a feature that will allow the user to upload pictures, videos, and convert them into a 360° sequence.

The application is currently launching in beta version and it will be open to the public in early January 2016. So far, the company has raised more than 100K € in seed funding and is planning a Series A round early next year.

“What makes VRTUOZ stand out from other solutions is the combination of every important aspect of the virtual reality market, from gaming, to 360° video immersion and interaction, to content management for entertainment” – says Gildas Dussauze, founder of Owl Perception. “Our mission with VRTUOZ is to put emotions, social and VR all in one place. We believe that you can turn a slice of life into an emotional moment when you can share it with someone.”

If you’ve never experienced virtual reality before, I would definitely suggest you to subscribe as a beta tester and take advantage of the VRTUOZ versatility by trying it with Google Cardboard.