Uber takes aim at Deliveroo & Take Eat Easy, launches UberEATS in Paris

Uber takes aim at Deliveroo & Take Eat Easy, launches UberEATS in Paris
On-demand transportation company Uber announced today that UberEATS, their food-delivery service that partners with local restaurants to deliver food in under 10 minutes, has expanded to Paris. The service, which already operates in 10 other cities including Barcelona, is part of Uber’s bigger strategy to expand beyond its black car service to on-demand delivery of… anything.
UberEATS will go head-to-head with a variety of offerings that have launched in the #FoodTech space in France in the past few months. After raising $25 Million earlier this year, Deliveroo launched its service in Paris.
At the same time, Belgium’s TakeEatEasy raised $10 Million this past April and launched their similar service in Paris as well.
Uber has been making the headlines across the board in Paris, whether it be the trial of two Uber executives in a case which puts responsability for their peer-to-peer service (deemed illegal earlier this month after taxi drivers protested across France earlier this year), or the new Uber Union that Paris Uber drivers have formed, which came following announcements that Uber will reduce prices by 20% (in certain cases) – their price reduction has largely been seen as a reaction to France’s largest taxi provider, G7, announcing a new low-cost evening service, which competes more with UberPop’s competitor Djump than Uber itself.

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  1. Ben @ App4Food

    It is important to weight up the pros and cons to these services before integrating them in to your food business.
    Particularly for the restaurants that care about their image and presentation, it is important to bear in mind with these delivery services “how” and “who” is devilering your quality cuisine to customers.
    Whilst you know they are a third party service, the customer receiving their food may not and this delivery person (over which you have no control or power) is actually the representation of your business.
    For example, do you want a hooded youth in a clapped out banger delivering your top quality cuisine and representing your high end restaurant?
    Interesting angle to think about before going ahead.
    Image is everything!

  2. Delores

    AFAICT you’ve coreved all the bases with this answer!

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  24. cheap insurance Waldorf MD

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  25. cheap insurance Massachusetts

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