Meet the first 40 recruiters at Paris Startup Job Fair on September 19th

Meet the first 40 recruiters at Paris Startup Job Fair on September 19th


We are one month away from the fifth edition of Paris Startup Job Fair, that will take place on September 19th at the Centquatre, and we are excited to announce that we’ve already got forty great companies ready to recruit, making this edition on track to be bigger than the last one.

As you might know, our last edition of Paris Startup Job Fair was a very successful one, reaching a 50% recruitment rate. To be sure to achieve better results this time around, we aim to improve the recruitment process, in order to do so we started out by creating a survey on Tech Talent recruitment, that you can still take here. We have collected 121 answers so far, hoping to reach the thousand before September 19th, but we can already recognize a trend.

The 3 most important criteria taken into account when looking for a new job are : Challenging Work (77%), Good Salary/Benefits (62%) and Good Work/Life Balance (57%). On the other end, the main reasons why employees decide to quit a job are related to the need to seek new challenges ( 75%) and an horrible work environment ( 65%). The most looked up job board remains Linkedin.

Those numbers related to our current sample of mainly males (72%), developers (50%), holding a master’s degree (65%). We definitely need some female representation ( where are the #ilooklikeanengineers girls at? ) and Jar Jar Binks ( only 5% so far).

We will keep collecting the data and forward them to our recruiters before the event, in order to make the quest for a job easier for both job seekers and HR directors.

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Check out the list of confirmed recruiters here, which includes UBER, Etsy, Happn, Lengow. Be ready for more, the best is yet to come!

With the same intentions, we will be publishing articles on the 5 verticals around which Paris Startup Job Fair will be organized, which are Data, Connected Hardware, Mobile, Sharing Economy and Startup Alley. You will find out more on the companies present in each vertical, on their job openings but most importantly on the type of candidates they are looking for (awesome tips right from the source).