CES: GIROPTIC announces partnership with YouTube's new 360° platform

CES: GIROPTIC announces partnership with YouTube's new 360° platform

GIROPTIC, the first true 360° camera designed to see the world “Up, Down and All Around” just announced at CES that they would be entering into an exclusive partnership with Youtube to be the first camera compatible with the video-sharing giants’ new support of 360°, spherical format.
Youtube’s new 360° format is expected to be a  breakthrough in interms of video creation and sharing. Their new platform will enable users to shoot a  360° video, upload it (obviously via YouTube), and allow users to playback and interact with the videos they’ve created on their PC, mac, or mobile device. 
unnamedPartnering with GIROPTIC will start YouTube’s venture into 360° video on  a super high-quality path. GIROPTIC, which is set to be launched in the next couple months, is already making a name for itself in the video-capture space, with a design that makes it a lot more versatile that competitors such as GoPro.  GIROPTIC is equipped with 185 degree fish-eye lenses that are automatically merged in real-time into one stunning image through a unique process. This enable the 360cam to produce breath-taking views from all around in high-definition. 
Lille-based GIROPTIC has quickly gained momentum since its 45-day, $1.4 million Kickstarter campaign.  In my discussion yesterday with CEO & co-founder Richard Ollier, he stressed the positive impact this partnership will have for his company. While the partnership was have been a long-time coming, he strongly believes that by marrying YouTube’s massive reach and ubiquitous platform with GIROPTIC’s technical and design strength, everyone, not just professionals, will now be able to create, publish and share videos in 360°. In addition, being such an integral part of a social platform will enable GIROPTIC to, as stresed by Ollier, “transform our users into ambassadors.” 
As mentioned, GIROPTIC will be shipping soon and you can still pre-order your own 360cam. Although it is only available via internet at the moment, this will soon change as the team is working several distribution deals with major retailers around the globe.