My TweetStorm on France’s International, Sector-Leading Technology Companies

My TweetStorm on France’s International, Sector-Leading Technology Companies


I’ve hit my limit on people, both French & otherwise, denigrating the French startup ecosystem. It took me about 10 minutes to put together an alphabetical list, including almost every letter and filtering town to tweet-sized bites (too many M’s, A’s, C’s, and D’s to mention), filtering once again for Startups that have international clients/users/presence, and are, in my opinion, either leaders in their sector or in a position to become the leader in the next 7 years.

Without further Ado, my Alphabet of French Startups

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  1. Stefane Fermigier

    Thanks for your effort Liam, we’re all with you when it comes to promote underrated french tech companies.

    A few notes:

    1) Ubifrance is a government agency, not a company

    2) You forgot a few leading companies, such are:

    – Nuxeo, which has been for the last 10 years the leader of open source enterprise content management.
    – XWiki, the leader of open source enterprise wikis
    – OpenSearchServer, a cool open source enterprise search vendor
    – Talend, the leader of open source ETL

    (If you see a pattern, there is one, indeed: I think you are underinformed on the french open source software ecosystem which, according to some studies and my own opinion, is the most dynamic in the world).

    • informatimago

      I notice that apart from “Capitaine Train”, none of those names is in French: this is the reason why nobody knows about those French companies, they don’t exist, they aren’t French. They’re just Silicon Valley companies like the others, proof of Usian supremacy.

      Si vous voulez du rayonnement français, alors il faut utiliser le français, pas le globish.

  2. Louis-Philippe

    Well done Liam ! A bit of French pumping is always good to read. Keep up the good work !

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