Prizm – Nest for your home speaker system – launches on KickStarter

Prizm – Nest for your home speaker system – launches on KickStarter


Context-aware music startup Prizm has launched their KickStarter Campaign this week, bringing in $30,000 in the first 12 hours of their campaign. The Paris-based startup, composed of Pierre Gochgarian, Olivier Roberdet, Pierre Verdu &
Arthur Eberhardt, has spent the last 18 months working on R&D, and, after DEMO-ing the product exclusively on stage during Paris Founders Event last week (photos here), the startup is ready to bring a bit of intelligence to your listening experience.


Let’s start off with the basics: Prizm connects directly to your SoundCloud, Deezer or Spotify account. It has three buttons: On/Off, Like, and Skip. Like-ing a song will place it in a playlist in your music source, meaning you’ll never lose the music you love when you leave the house; however, Prizm also learns & adjusts based on the time of day, the ambient noise in the room (party vs. quiet evening), as well as the number of people in the room, detected by picking up wifi & bluetooth signals.

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Initial backers got Prizm for just $99, but the minimum price is going up by the minute. The team expects to ship by June 2015, and already has the backing of the French KickStarter community, which includes the founders of Lima ($1.3 Million on KickStarter), Hexo+ ($1.2 Million), and Giroptic ($1.5 Million).

Prizm looks set to crush its Kickstarter goal; however, the real question on everyone’s mind will be whether they can push beyond the magical $1 Million mark. The project will face comparisons to services like Sonos & Bose, but also from projects, like the Aether Cone. Still, Prizm’s product is slick, and, having seen it in person and played with it, I can tell you that the product just works. Exactly what I want from a connected speaker system.