Here’s how KEECKER’s HomePod is breaking new ground on KickStarter

Here’s how KEECKER’s HomePod is breaking new ground on KickStarter


After appearing at CES earlier this year, KEECKER has launched its HomePod on KickStarter, looking to achieve a $100,000 goal. Founded by Pierre Lebeau, a former Googler, KEECKER is a new take on the idea of ConnectedHome, replacing all your TV Screens by a fully autonomous, smartphone-controlled robot.

Speaking with Lebeau about KEECKER earlier this month, he told me of his hopes to usher in the post-TV era that the Internet has already facilitated in the past 10 years. The hyper-media state in which we live means that additional screens are poised to arrive in the home, but KEECKER imagines a different future, in which your screen can move from room to room, beckoned via a smartphone application and guided via a 360° audio & visual awareness, and flexible via its 90° adjustable FullHD Projector (which projects with clarity indoors & outdoors with sizes up to 40 meters).


KEECKER’s applications extend beyond televisions into other areas: home security, videoconferencing, parental supervision, smart lighting & more.

What I find most interesting about the Kickstarter campaign itself – beyond the product, which, I must admit, is quite tempting, even at a $4000 retail price tag – is that KEECKER may very well be the most expensive product crowdfunded to date. In total, it will take a little over 100 backers and less than 50 actual product pre-orders to complete the campaign. KickStarter isn’t just for watches and bracelets and other connected devices, which have ranged between $99 – $399 for the most part in the past – KEECKER shows that a small group of people with a vision ( and a decent understanding of hardware & software) can propel themselves onto the main stage in a matter of days.

Many thought that crowdfunding would disrupt the VC space; however, we’ve seen how crowdfunded campaigns get funded. The reality is that crowdfunding will disrupt distribution. KickStarter is the new BestBuy, and KEECKER is the latest high-end device to prove its value.