MyFeelBack raises €1 Million to build Smarter Survey Software

MyFeelBack raises €1 Million to build Smarter Survey Software


Toulouse-based MyFeelBack has raised €1 Million from BPIFrance, business angels including ExactTarget VP Jean-Philippe Baert, as well as the crowdfunding platform WiSeed, for their SaaS survey software. The startup, founded in 2011 by Julien Hourregue (CTO), Aurore Beugniez (COO) & Stéphane Contrepois (CEO), has already worked with SNCF, BMW & Airbus, counting over 35,000 users across its surveys.

The product allows users to maintain an up-to-date CRM database, as well as track behavioral data within your given products, while providing targeted surveys to users based on their behavior and status in your CRM. They do so by embedding their survey directly into the product, as a responsive pop-up questionnaire, making it easy to use.

The startup scene has seen its fair share of startups trying to disrupt the archaic Google Surveys & SurveyMonkey. Until now, the most popular have tried to bring together a community of feedback-givers and, in turn, have tried to seek out brands who would like to learn more about this audience segment. MyFeelback has taken a different approach, looking to sit right inside the client’s product, picking out users that the client would like to know more about and inserting themselves into the browsing experience.