[Interview] How Jogg.in reinforces the collective power of individual sport

[Interview] How Jogg.in reinforces the collective power of individual sport


Throughout the July / August vacation period the Rude Baguette has run a series of interviews with some of France’s top and rising startups, where their founders give us more insight into their business, their future plans and what sets them apart from the rest. In this final installment, we talk with Thomas Didier, Cofounder of Jogg.in, which via social seeks to make running accessible to everyone and inspire beginner and expert runners alike to stay motivated, active runners throughout the year. 

Tell me about Jogg.in… what is it all about and where the idea come from? How does it stand apart from other jogging apps out there?

Jogg.in was created in 2013 to allow each runner, beginner or expert, to find and maintain the motivation to run regularly. We have the strong conviction that running, a sport universally accessible to everyone, is a powerful vector for well-being and social networking. Our project is to reinforce the collective power of this individual sport. How? By making it easier to organise group running sessions, no matter which jogging app is used, as well as helping our users share a moment of effort and fun, sometimes with brands, and to remain motivated all during the year.

View More: http://katiedonnellyphotography.pass.us/joggin-final-retouchWhat are some interesting insights you’ve learned about joggers/runners, either as you were developing Jogg.in or since you’ve launched?

They love running in groups and getting tips & rewards. It explains why we’ve developed so many partnerships such as the ones we’ve done with Nike, Intersport, Bio c’ Bon, Michel & Augustin, Laurette Fugain, ELA, …

I’m sure that helping your users improve their performance is key for you. What is some feedback you’ve had thus far on how Jogg.in helps people?

It’s not just about performance because, thanks to our various partners who create group running sessions, on Jogg.in joggers/runners can easily meet other runners while getting some great advice and tips from professional runners at their game. It helps them to choose the perfect equipment (running shoes, textile, …) to get motivated enough to register to races, solo or in group, and eventually to train more often for their own good.
Sometimes Jogg.in can also help them to find lovers 😉

For the moment, I understand that you’re focusing on France. What are some other interesting markets (countries, etc) for you and why?

We’ll start to grow out of France in big cities of Europe where runners communities are important like London, Berlin or Stockholm. People travel a lot in Europe for personal and professional reasons so it’ll be great to have fun, discover new cities and culture while running with strangers abroad.

We also planned to enter the US market next year via New York city because of marathon history there and also for their vision of running to support charitable causes which is important for the Jogg.in team.

What’s next for Jogg.in in terms of development (technical, product, commercial/,marketing, otherwise)?

Hard to say in few words, but we’ll soon announce our mobile app., some key partnerships with big companies (including a BtoB platform project dedicated to wellness) and also covering a new sport within our technology.


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