French startup Fundraising Review – Glowbl, Vigiglobe, Koolicar & Cogniteev

French startup Fundraising Review – Glowbl, Vigiglobe, Koolicar & Cogniteev

It’s been a busy day for VCs & startups on Rude List – France’s Startup Database – the Summer break is over and the fundraising announcements are pouring in. 


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Algorithm-driven social media tool Vigiglobe announced its second round of funding today, bringing in €1.1 Million from Kima Ventures, Starquest Capital & others. The startup had already raised a seed round from Kima Ventures last year, and has built out three main features: a Social Media analytics tool, a Data Mining Tool, and a Social TV tool. Most notably, the startup was identified by Twitter as a Technology Partner last year.


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Lyon-based Glowbl raised a €2 Million round of funding from historical investors for their social-infused video conferencing solution. The company reports over 60,000 users who have created 5,000 “livestages” (their term for livestreamed screens), and they will be using the money to open an office in the Silicon Valley.



Backed by insurance company MAIF, Koolicar has raised another €2.6 Million for their car-sharing platform. While players like Drivy, Ouicar & Buzzcar are already fighting it out for cars and users, Koolicar’s insurance backing represents an interesting play. Simultaneously, traditional insurance players are expanding their traditional business into digital, and Koolicar is thus able to offer better rates than competitors, as it undboubtedly has a better insurance deal than its competitors, lowering overhead & risk.



Big Data management platform Cogniteev has raked in another $650,000, to help companies deal with the increasing amounts of data in the world. Their technology combines semantic analysis, Artificial Intelligence (hadoop) & web crawlers to provide a SaaS service for data-intensive industries.