France’s leading eCommerce site launches in Africa

France’s leading eCommerce site launches in Africa

Screenshot 2014-09-30 09.32.07I’ve long argued that there is a huge opportunity for French tech companies to look south to the African market. French is among the predominant languages across the continent – which is why, while British students are ditching French for Chinese, China is encouraging it.

Earlier this month, cDiscount, one of France’s top eCommerce players, announced the launch of in Senegal, meaning that Sengalese internet users would have access to cDiscount’s 80,000+ products, purchasable via mobile payment, cash on delivery or cash at pickup point. In order to complete delivery, cDiscount has partnered with Bolloré Africa Logistics, a company which does exactly what you think.

In terms of eCommerce growth, Africa is currently the place to be. Orange is pushing its mobile payments technology, Rocket Internet runs some of the continent’s largest eCommerce players, and eCommerce conferences in Africa are heating up. The digitally neglected African continent is catching up, fast, via low-cost mobile internet and long-awaited high-speed internet. In addition, China has continued to invest in (or exploit, depending on who you ask) Africa’s infrastructure, meaning Africa has never been more connected, more accessible, and more ripe for innovation than today.

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