Appsfire’s native ad network seduces app publishers worldwide

Appsfire’s native ad network seduces app publishers worldwide

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When Appsfire announced last year that they would be halting their flagship discovery application in order to pursue building better Ads for mobile apps, it was certainly a big pivot. To paraphrase co-founder Ouriel Ohayon at the time of the announcement, saying No to something that was having moderate success in order to pursue something that had the potential for explosive success is both a difficult decision and the only one.

However, Appsfire has released not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 different native mobile ad formats in the past year – Ura Maki, Udon Noodles, Sashimi & Sushi – and today, Appsfire’s native mobile ad network is available to the public, meaning that advertisers can advertise across a variety of mobile apps easily. Appsfire’s Ad Network is connected to the mopub & admob platforms, works with PhoneGap, Adobe Air & Unity, and works on both iOS & Android.

As of today, Appsfire’s publishing partners include a variety of international – ZeptoLab (Cut The Rope), OperaMediaWorks, & Cheetah Mobile – and French – Viadeo, TF1, Lagardere, LaPlace Media (who manage dozens of France’s top publishers’ digital advertising) – publishers. Appsfire boasts the ability to guaranteed 100% fill rate on ad placements for mobile app developers, citing its Cross Promotion system which it announced this Summer, providing mobile apps who allow app promotion in their app to automatically receive app promotion across their network for free.

Appsfire’s Ad Network has a number of defining trademarks. The first is that all of the ad’s are designed for users – nothing intrusive, no accidental clicks, and the ability to opt-out every time. The second is that all the ads are truly native – built into your newsfeed, your app flow, providing a seamless transition between app and ad. The last is that advertising the network does not explicitly require new creatives – Appsfire leverages your existing App creatives from the App Store to automatically pull Ads together in different formats.