With €1.1M from Kima & Xange AB Tasty to expand its A/B Testing solution into Europe

With €1.1M from Kima & Xange AB Tasty to expand its A/B Testing solution into Europe


A/B testing solution AB Tasty has raised €1.1 Million from Xange & Kima Ventures in order to take their A/B Testing solution to Europe. Launched in 2011, AB Tasty currently employs 27 team members to cover the French tech market, working with eCommerce sites (CDiscount), telecom providers (Bouygues Telecom) & retailers (But). Their new funding will be used to accelerate growth abroad, namely in Germany, the UK, Spain & Italy.

A/B Testing – the process of testing website performance by showing visitors different iterations of a web page and measuring pre-determined metrics (e.g: click-through to a pricing page) – has become a normal practice for website optimization. AB Tasty will undoubtedly butt heads with their competitor, Optimizely, which launched its service in Europe last year; however, the market is big enough for an easy-to-use service that there is plenty of space for both.

In France, AB Tasty claims to have 42% of the A/B Testing market. The big test will be their ability to convince other European players to use their services – as A/B testing becomes normalized, the risk will be that doing A/B testing internally will also become the norm, as a core part of product development. For now, AB Tasty & Optimizely both allow non-developers to use their service by integrating a snippet of code into their web page header, subsequently allowing them to click & edit directly from the AB Tasty page. Clients can also opt for a more comprehensive integration, can determine what percentage of traffic they want to direct to the modified version of the page, and can track key metrics (click through rate, user retention, etc.).