Here are the 5 Speakers for the Paris Founders Event

Here are the 5 Speakers for the Paris Founders Event


As the Fall Edition of the Paris Founders Event gets closer, Rude Baguette is excited to announce the five Founder speakers who will be joining us on stage on October 8th. As you may know, the Paris Founders Event is France’s largest startup networking event, bringing together 600 Founders & Entrepreneurs, Angels & Investors, Corporate Partners & Industry Service Providers, Journalists & Bloggers all under one roof to see 5 Founders demo new products on stage, and to hear 5 Founders talk about how they are (or will be) making headlines.

Oussama Ammar – the Don Corléone of the Paris Startup Scene


I may have struck a chord earlier this year when I wrote that I wasn’t comfortable with TheFamily’s business model; however, what can’t be denied is how, alongside co-founders Alice Zagury & Nicolas Colin, Oussama Ammar has managed to build one of the most talked-about institutions of the French Startup Scene in just over one year.

It can be hard at times to tell exactly what TheFamily is – they’ve rejected the ‘accelerator’ title, and their website homepage nearly a dozen individual activities, including a Castle coworking space, a peach-themed Pitch event, an education program for wanna-be entrepreneurs, and vertical conferences dedicated to disrupting Healthcare & Fashion, among others.

I’ll try to get to the bottom of what exactly TheFamily is in just 5 minutes – should be a breeze!

Ornikar’s Benjamin Gaignault goes head-to-head with French Unions


Before they ever launched a product, built a user base, and began measuring growth metrics, the Ornikar founders were told they weren’t going to be able to build their 100% online driving school – they were told this, of course, by the regulatory committee that gives out driving school licenses, which is chaired by owners of existing driving schools. This didn’t stop the Ornikar team – they are declaring war on yet another regulated oligarchy, and we’ll be talking with cofounder Alexandre Chartier about their plans in the coming months.

Tatiana & Lara are at it again!

alivingOne of the most exciting pieces of news that I’ve received this past year was when Dealissime (acquired by LivingSocial in 2011) founders Tatiana Jama & Lara Louyres announces they would be leaving LivingSocial, where they’d spent two years as Managing Director & President, respectively, of the French Market, and would be starting a new company – Selectionnist. We’ll talk with the two of them about what it’s like back in the founders seat, and what they’ve got planned in the coming months.

Tigerlily’s Matthieu Chereau on faciliating Community Management


Five years ago, the job title didn’t exist: now, it’s among the first hires, (the first intern) out there. Commmunity Managers are customer service representatives, they are a support desk, they are digital marketers – they are the voice of your company on social media, and Tigerlily has been working with some of the biggest companies in the past three years in order to enable their social media activity. I’ll be talking with CEO & Co-founder Matthieu Chereau about what they’ve learned in the past three years, and where Tigerlily is headed.

Of course, there’s a Surprise Guest

The surprise, of course, is two-fold, as even I don’t know who the last guest of the evening will be. The goal of Paris Founders Event is to bring together those who are making headlines, and those who will make headlines, so in the next week, I’ll be looking out for people who are (or will be) making headlines – feel free to reach out to me if you’ve got something to announce (my email available under my author photo), someone to recommend as a speaker, or if you need anything else.

We’re very honored to have the continued support of ecosystem players like Orange (check out their accelerator, OrangeFab, today), as well as VCs like Iris Capital & agencies like StringCan Europe. Grab a ticket to the Oct. 8th edition below, and let me know if you have any questions!