Developers and game enthusiasts, don’t miss this weekend’s HTML5 Game Jam

Developers and game enthusiasts, don’t miss this weekend’s HTML5 Game Jam


HTML5 Game Jam, a big game hackathon/conference event, will get going tomorrow May 9th and run throughout the weekend at L’École Multimédia. HTML5 Game Jam seeks to bring together teams of passionate graphic designers, web developers and game development enthusiasts to see who can make the best game from scratch using the latest open web technologies. The choice of libraries and/or other game development frameworks (Phaser, Babylon, Pixi, Melon, etc) is totally open. The only requirement is that the game must be HTML5. At the end of the weekend, teams will present their games to both the audience and a jury of experts from web development and the games sector. Winners will, of course, walk away with cool prizes including Ouya consoles, Microsoft Surfaces and Nokia Lumia 625s.

HTML5 Game Jam also has a lot to offer those not competing as on Saturday there will be a series of talks pertinent to web and game development, touching on such topics as Unity 5 & WebGL, How to make a game with three.js, Box2D in a Canvas, and DreamEngine. In addition, on Friday at the event kick-off, event partner Microsoft will do a talk on how to publish a HTML5 application on the Windows Store.

Professionals, students and all other game and web development enthusiasts are welcome. And even better yet, it’s free so sign-up to participate today. There are only 7 tickets left so move fast!